Eva Pedriglieria


Foods/Drinks My Parents’

Like That I Really Do Not
Duration variable

Baile con Mi Madre 2019

Digital Video
Running Time: 07:46
Trailer running time: 0:31

Viaggio Con Mio Padre 2019

Digital Video
*Running time TBD

Ravioli Della Nonna 2018

Digital Video
Running time: 14:31
Excerpt: 1:06

Poca Agua Y Coco Nada 2017

Digital Video
Running time: 04:44
Excerpt: 00:50

Family Meal in Studio (II) 2019

Duration variable

Family Meal in Studio (II) 2019

Duration variable

Living Room Studio Installation 2018

Dimensions: approximately 9 ½’ x 7’

Getting My Hair Done 2017

Performance for video
Running time: 6:17
pass: portfolio

Artist Statement

In my work I connect my physical body and place to concepts of memory, family,and cultural tradition primarily through performance, video, and installation. My work is an extension of my home that shares comfort and pleasure, while negotiating geographical distance and (dis) connections with my family and cultures of origin – the Dominican Republic, Italy, and the United States.

Within my reconstructed bohío1, adorned with a mixture of borrowed decorative objects that represent my family’s diverse heritage, I have hosted peers for dinner using my Nonna’s pasta recipe. I’ve also set up a private performance with my mother, Baile con Mi Madre de Larga Distancia 2, in which we dance with each other through facetime to bridge the divide between where we come from and where we are now in our long-distance relationship. In other performances that are not particularly confined to my bohío, such as Live Translations and Foods That My Parents Like that I Really Do Not, I play with language and cultural translation through music and taste. In these interactive performances, I engage with the audience in an effort to navigate between cultural differences that are difficult and biased while simultaneously funny and entertaining.

As I recognize critical elements of culture that will never be fully transmittable, and I reconcile the elements of my family and culture that feel more distant, the work becomes an attempt to understand the essence of diversity and multiculturalism starting with the experiences closest to me.