Ugly Dolls written up in the New York Times

ugly dolls for boys?

Parsons Alums David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim are in the news with their creation–Ugly Dolls. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times article:

The Uglies are neither superheros nor stuffed animals. They’re not as saccharine as Beanie Babies or Cabbage Patch kids. They’re a bit like characters from Sesame Street (Cookie Monster comes to mind) and a bit like E.T., except without pasty skin or the spring-loaded neck.

David Horvath, who created them with Sun-Min Kim — then his girlfriend, now his wife — says they were inspired by the bootleg videos they both grew up watching: Japanese robots and shows like “Battle Fever J,” which begat the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The inspiration for Uglies, he joked, was Ultraman and Gamera.

That’s hard to buy, since they are the antithesis of huggable: Ultraman is Japan’s metal-skulled Ironman, vanquishing monsters with karate kicks and electric bolts that slice heads off. Gamera is a giant flying turtle whose leg holes shoot flames.

Check out the rest of the article here and see more of David and Sun-Min’s Ugly Dolls at their website.

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  1. Ugly dolls have their own market .People like to collect these stupid dolls as it give happiness to them and their kids. It is a tribute to the creator of these doll that New York time has publish news related to these dolls.

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