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Aftertaste3–New Agendas for the Study of the Interior


It is not hard to imagine an apartment whose layout would depend no longer on the activities of the day, but on functional relationships between the rooms… It takes a little more imagination, no doubt, to picture an apartment whose layout was based on the functioning of the senses. We can imagine well enough what a gustatorium might be, or an auditorium, but one might wonder what a visuorium might look like, or an olfactorium or a palporium.

Georges Perec, “The Apartment”, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces [1974]
London: Penguin Books 1997, 31.

AFTERTASTE 3, the annual international symposium dedicated to the critical review of Interior Design, intends to provoke a discussion about the richness of the senses and their role in the comprehension of space and inhabitation. Experimental in character, this conference aims to consider projects and ideas that stem from investigations into the workings of the senses.

Writer Georges Perec famously urged us to imagine separate rooms for taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch, yet one might also inversely challenge the primacy of visual perception by bringing the more peripheral and intertwined aspects of sensory experience into focus.

AFTERTASTE 3 will feature accomplished designers, architects, and artists whose work specifically addresses the complex and still relatively unexplored role of sentient perception in the imagining of interiors.

Here’s a list of participants:

James Auger
Robert Israel
Kent Kleinman
Robert Kirkbride
Joanna Merwood-Salisbury
Charlie Morrow
Jorge Otero-Pailos
Victoria Anne Rospond
Mayer Rus
Emily Thompson
James Tichenor
Sissal Tolaas
Sabine von Fischer
Joshua Walton
Alfred Zollinger

And here is a link to the full schedule.

Aftertaste 3
Friday, April 3rd, 3-7 p.m.

and Saturday, April 4th 10-7 p.m.
Parsons The New School for Design
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium
66 5th Avenue, New York