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Steven Guarnaccia interviewed!

Parsons Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia was recently interviewed by 36pages.com for a write-up about his most recent book Three Little Pigs.  Here’s a snippet:

Clearly a design aficionado, Guarnaccia sets out to pay homage to some of his heroes. “My goal was to introduce children to everyday, albeit extraordinary, design. They’re taught the names of authors and fine artists from an early age, but the applied arts are often overlooked.”

The book is a retelling of the original story except the pigs are famous architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson and Frank Gehry. It’s chock-full of design references and iconic work by the pigs and others like Noguchi, Saarinen, Starck, Sottsass, and many more.

You can read the whole article and see more images here.

STRAND FAMILY HOUR EVENT with Steven Guarnaccia on Thursday!

July 22 03:30PM – 04:30PM
Strand Bookstore
Corner of 12th Street and Broadway

For children of all ages and their caregivers…a special reading.  Free and open to the public!

Parsons Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia will read from his new book, The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale. With subtle nods to such famous architects as Frank Gehry, Phillip Johnson and Frank Lloyd Wright, this clever tale combines the classic story with a sophisticated design sensibility. The book, which combines fun with a lesson about function, is a delight for readers big and small, in a hip, modern and eye-catching way.

See the whole Strand calendar of events here!

Quick Hit: Steven Guarnaccia’s reinterpretation of a classic


As Steve Heller says:

It’s never too early to introduce children to design (or egotistical designers). My favorite Italian publisher, Corraini Editore, has published my favorite American illustrator (with an Italian surname), Steven Guarnaccia’s architectonic take on The Three Little Pigs (in English and Italian).

Couldn’t have said it any better!  Parsons Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia has a new children’s book out called “The Three Little Pigs” and it tells the classic story but infuses every aspect with architecture, casting the pigs as Frank Gehry, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.  You can grab your copy directly from the publisher Corraini.


Congrats, Steven!

Aftertaste3–New Agendas for the Study of the Interior


It is not hard to imagine an apartment whose layout would depend no longer on the activities of the day, but on functional relationships between the rooms… It takes a little more imagination, no doubt, to picture an apartment whose layout was based on the functioning of the senses. We can imagine well enough what a gustatorium might be, or an auditorium, but one might wonder what a visuorium might look like, or an olfactorium or a palporium.

Georges Perec, “The Apartment”, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces [1974]
London: Penguin Books 1997, 31.

AFTERTASTE 3, the annual international symposium dedicated to the critical review of Interior Design, intends to provoke a discussion about the richness of the senses and their role in the comprehension of space and inhabitation. Experimental in character, this conference aims to consider projects and ideas that stem from investigations into the workings of the senses.

Writer Georges Perec famously urged us to imagine separate rooms for taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch, yet one might also inversely challenge the primacy of visual perception by bringing the more peripheral and intertwined aspects of sensory experience into focus.

AFTERTASTE 3 will feature accomplished designers, architects, and artists whose work specifically addresses the complex and still relatively unexplored role of sentient perception in the imagining of interiors.

Here’s a list of participants:

James Auger
Robert Israel
Kent Kleinman
Robert Kirkbride
Joanna Merwood-Salisbury
Charlie Morrow
Jorge Otero-Pailos
Victoria Anne Rospond
Mayer Rus
Emily Thompson
James Tichenor
Sissal Tolaas
Sabine von Fischer
Joshua Walton
Alfred Zollinger

And here is a link to the full schedule.

Aftertaste 3
Friday, April 3rd, 3-7 p.m.

and Saturday, April 4th 10-7 p.m.
Parsons The New School for Design
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium
66 5th Avenue, New York

Sustainable Architecture: Communication through Art


For over 30 years Development Workshop France (DWF) has promoted sustainable settlement and shelter development, respecting existing values and utilizing local skills and resources.  Current projects focus on vulnerability reduction and the resolution of human settlement difficulties in Africa and South East Asia-difficulties that result from wide-ranging changes to the way people live, whether climatic and environmental, socioeconomic and demographic, or as a result of man-made and natural disasters and war.

DWF is the only nonprofit organisation ever to win two World Habitat Awards: in 1998 for Woodless Construction in Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso; and in 2008 for Prevention of Typhoon Damage in Vietnam.

On Monday March 2, the founder and president of DWF will present DWF’s recent work in Burkina Faso and in Vietnam, and discuss the role that illustration, animation, music, and drama have played in educating and training on the local level.  Please join us in Kellen Auditorium at 4PM for this truly interdisciplinary event. More details of DWF’s work are on their web site: www.dwf.org

This event is hosted by Parsons faculty members Carol Overby, Design + Management, and Nora Krug, Illustration

John Norton, founder and president
Development Workshop France

Kellen Auditorium
66 Fifth Avenue, ground floor

Monday March 2  4-6PM
Space is limited; RSVP overbyc@newschool.edu