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Last Night: Dime Bag at Giant Robot

Curated by Jordin Isip (Illustration Faculty) and Rodger Stevens (Illustration Alum and Faculty), Dime Bag closes tonight at Giant Robot New York.  The show has been getting some fantastic press, including coverage by NYMag’s Culture Vulture blog (great slideshow included!) and Peggy Roalf at DART.  Here’s an excerpt from Peggy’s write-up:

The show is the brainchild of Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens, art school buddies who came up with the idea when they realized what a huge art network of artists they had just from hanging out socially. They wanted to bring as many artists together as possible to create new work with only one small – but huge – restriction: Each piece must fit into a 3-by-3-inch ziplock bag.

Isip and Rodgers invited artists representing an extraordinary variety of disciplines, including painters, illustrators, graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, and product designers. Each of the artists was sent one of the little baggies and asked to fill it in any way they wished.

I found Jordin by phone in his studio today and he said, “We wanted to have an exhibit where the show itself, as well as the individual pieces, are a work of art.” He certainly succeeded, and GR/New York’s small gallery space proves to be an ideal environment for the art. I found myself looking at each of the three walls of the installation as a whole element before zeroing in on individual images. In fact, I spent quite a while looking at each piece, with the idea of purchasing one.

Read the rest of Peggy’s article here and for goodness sake, if you haven’t already, get over to GRNY for the show.


[top photo strip: Heads Up at Giant Robot. Left: Trapped in a Bag by Calef Brown. Center: I Didn’t Bust No, Uh, Hip-Hop Moves by Gregory Benton. Right: Head by Jordin Isip. All copyright the artists, photos: Peggy Roalf.]