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Tote Bag Exhibition in Beacon

Illustration Adjunct Dan Weise runs Open Space gallery in Beacon, NY (just a short trip north of the city) and he has an exciting new show up that features another Parsons faculty–Jordin Isip.  Here’s the official description:

The average family brings home 1,000 plastic bags every year. It is time for us to switch from a disposable society to one which reduces, reuses and recycles. This show will help spread the message that we care about our planet and do not want to just consume until there is nothing left. We are certain that we will all make a difference. The proceeds from the sales of the show will go to the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, a New York based organization committed to enviromental advocacy and education.

Tons of fantastic artists are involved in this show and it benefits a good cause so hop on the Metro North line and go visit!

April 12th
– May 3rd
Open Space Beacon
510 Main Street
Beacon NY 12508