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Parsons faculty and alums in McSweeney’s!


The new McSweeney’s (#28) showcases work of two recent Illustration alum, Liz Lee (see above) and Phillip Fivel Nessen (see below), and Illustration Part-time faculty member Jordin Isip, who each illustrated a modern fable for the publication.  Here’s a description of the edition: 

McSweeney’s #28
This time around, Mcsweeney’s presents us with “eight individual books, fully illustrated, which resurrect and reinvent the art of the fable — simple, suprising, and morally direct.  More or less.”  Each of these books is a snappy little hardcover, the cover illustration of each of which join together (and are held together in this cleverly designed package) to form two large painted images by Danica Novgorodoff.   The books are:  Poor Little Egg-Boy Hatched in a Shul by Nathan Englander, illustrated by Jordin Isip; The Book and the Girl by Brian Evenson, illustrated by Philip Fivel Nessen; The Guy Who Kept Meeting Himself by Ryan Boudinot, illustrated by Genevieve Sims; LaKeisha and the Dirty Girl by Tayari Jones, illustrated by Morgan Elliot; The Thousands by Daniel Alarcón, illustrated by Jordan Awan; Two Free Men by Sheila Heti, illustrated by Liz Lee; Virgil Walker by Arthur Bradford, illustrated by Jon Adams; and The Box by Sarah Manguso, illustrated by Louie Cordero.

Grab your copy here!

Congratulations to Liz, Phillip, and Jordin!