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Nathan and Elisa Bond’s Fight Against Cancer

I’d like to encourage you all to donate artwork to what will be a terrific auction for a great cause, to benefit Illustration’s own Nathan Bond and his family. Some of you may have heard Nathan’s story in the news. He and his wife were diagnosed with advanced forms of cancer virtually simultaneously, and they have an 18- month-old daughter.

Artwork should be delivered to the Illustration Program office no later than May 6. Please pass the word on. Details below!


Steven Gaurnaccia
Director, Illustration
Parsons The New School for Design


Hi Everyone,

I am organizing a benefit auction for Nathan and Elisa Bond.  For those of you who do not know their story, please see below.  There are links to articles and videos that tell all.  Nathan teaches painting in the Illustration Program and drawing in the Foundation Program.

I am looking for artists to donate a work for this cause.  All works collected will be featured in an exhibition for one night (May 10) at Flux Factory in Brooklyn.  Here is the format for the auction:  There will be one ticket sold for each work collected.  Purchasing a ticket guarantees you will receive a work in the show.  When the auction begins, the holder of the first ticket number pulled randomly will be allowed first choice of the show.  We will then proceed drawing tickets until all works in the show are claimed.  Ticket prices are yet to be determined, but will be approximately $200-$250.  Works are taken home as they are chosen.  We will have volunteers on hand during the choosing
of the works to collect contact info to be made available to each artist on who chose their work.

I have been asking many of you in person as I see you if you would be willing to donate a work for this auction.  I currently have about 40 commitments and I thank you all.  My goal however is to bring this number to between 100-150 so if you would like to participate, or know of another artist who could donate a work, I would appreciate knowing as soon as possible.   I need to have the art collected and accounted for in order to sell tickets, and as I am sure you can imagine, preparing for a show of this magnitude will not be easy in such a short amount of time.

If you have already committed to donating a work to this auction or would like to, please send an email to toddlambrix@gmail.com.  Please include a current Bio, Artist statement, and or CV to be printed and made available at the show, the name of the work, medium, dimensions, and date the work was made.  I will respond to you with directions for delivering the work.  We intend to hang the works at the show in the most appropriate manner possible.  If your piece requires special handling, hanging instructions or hardware, please be sure to detail this in the email.  Please keep in mind that people should be able to leave the night of May 10th with their collected work with relative
ease.  We cannot leave anything in the gallery space past the night of the reception.

I would also like to request that you share this story with artists within your professional circles and see if they are interested in donating a work for this show.  Please pass along my email to them or send me theirs so that I may get in touch.

As with any opening or gallery reception, all are invited to attend and I hope that you will spread the word so that we can have a supportive turnout.  Flux Factory is located at: 39-31 29th Street, Long Island City, Queens.  Again, the event will be held on May 10, 2011 from 5:00-8:00pm  Auction will begin promptly at 6:15.

NY Times Article

Support website:

The Today Show-MSNBC

I thank you all for reading this and appreciate your support.

All the best,

Todd Lambrix, Assistant Professor
Associate Director of Foundation
School of Design Strategies
Parsons The New School for Design
2 W13th St. Rm 907
New York, NY 10011

Nathan Bond’s Work in “Preparations: Artists’ Sketchbooks and Journals”


Parsons Illustration Adjunct Nathan Bond is featured in ” Preparations: Artists’ Sketchbooks and Journals” at the the Tower Fine Arts Center in Brockport, NY.  Much of the development for an artwork happens well before the brush meets canvas, the hand meets clay, or the finger meets camera, etc. These preliminary inspirations and concepts go mostly unnoticed and unappreciated. This exhibit, curated by gallery director Tim Massey, brings to light the methods artists employ to inform themselves of the possibilities for their as yet unrealized works.

The Tower Fine Arts Center is located on the north side of Holley Street in the village of Brockport. Parking Lot G is located adjacent to the Tower Fine Arts Center and handicapped parking is available at the front of the building.
350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY

Show on view through Tuesday, October 13
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 1 pm – 4 pm

Nathan Bond interviewed at Sprayblog!

Illustration’s own Adjunct Faculty Nathan Bond has been interviewed by the fine folks over at Sprayblog.  Here’s a little taste:

SG: Describe your working process when creating a new work.

NB: My process changes all the time. I actually try not to get into any one habit. I believe it is important to always investigate new processes, to discover new techniques. Not repeating your work process is a great way to encourage and maintain that dialogue with the creative process.

SG: What kind of things do you do when you get blocked or find it hard to create something?

NB: Van Gogh said it best, “You do not know how paralyzing it is, that staring of a blank canvas which says to the painter: you don’t know anything.” The feeling that “you don’t know anything” isn’t an uncommon state of being for an artist. It’s the sentiment I hear most often from my peers, students and, I must admit, myself. When this happens I try to find back doors into my work. I find the ritualistic process of stretching and priming a canvas is all I need sometimes to get the juices flowing again. It really helps to get the brain out of the way. It is only our mind that creates blocks and that’s why meditation is another great way to bypass blocks. Anything to get rid of the self is key. Creativity comes to the relaxed mind.

SG: Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

NB: Looking and thinking about all these weird naked apes walking around the city. We are so fascinating. This is where my inspiration always comes from. Psychology and art have always been intertwined for me.

Make sure to read the rest of the interview here and see more images of Nathan’s work at his website!

Illustration Faculty Nathan Bond in “Body of Work” Exhibition


Illustration Adjunct Faculty Nathan Bond has work included in Manifest Gallery‘s show entitled “Body of Work” which is on view through February 22nd.

The human form has been a central subject of artwork since well before it was called ‘art’. From Lascaux to Willendorf, to Matthew Barney and Jenny Saville, artists have found ways to provide forms of self-reflection to society.

Body of Work invited artists to submit works in any medium or genre that investigate or incorporate the human form in some way. A range of types of entries were strongly encouraged. Manifest received over 450 entries representing this spectrum, from purely academic examples of anatomical figure drawing, to conceptual and less-obvious interpretations.

Over 130 artists from 34 states and 9 countries submitted entries to this exhibit. The final selection includes 17 works by 12 artists from eight states and the United Kingdom. Works of painting, sculpture, collage, drawing, and printmaking promise to make Body of Work an exceptional exhibit marking the first exhibit of Manifest’s fourth year in operation.

For more information about the show, visit the Manifest Gallery website.  Congratulations on your inclusion, Nathan!

Body of Work
Manifest Gallery
2727Woodburn Avenue
East Walnut Hills
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206