Nathan Bond interviewed at Sprayblog!

Illustration’s own Adjunct Faculty Nathan Bond has been interviewed by the fine folks over at Sprayblog.  Here’s a little taste:

SG: Describe your working process when creating a new work.

NB: My process changes all the time. I actually try not to get into any one habit. I believe it is important to always investigate new processes, to discover new techniques. Not repeating your work process is a great way to encourage and maintain that dialogue with the creative process.

SG: What kind of things do you do when you get blocked or find it hard to create something?

NB: Van Gogh said it best, “You do not know how paralyzing it is, that staring of a blank canvas which says to the painter: you don’t know anything.” The feeling that “you don’t know anything” isn’t an uncommon state of being for an artist. It’s the sentiment I hear most often from my peers, students and, I must admit, myself. When this happens I try to find back doors into my work. I find the ritualistic process of stretching and priming a canvas is all I need sometimes to get the juices flowing again. It really helps to get the brain out of the way. It is only our mind that creates blocks and that’s why meditation is another great way to bypass blocks. Anything to get rid of the self is key. Creativity comes to the relaxed mind.

SG: Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

NB: Looking and thinking about all these weird naked apes walking around the city. We are so fascinating. This is where my inspiration always comes from. Psychology and art have always been intertwined for me.

Make sure to read the rest of the interview here and see more images of Nathan’s work at his website!