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Call for entries: MINI design competition


Creative Briefing/Some Tips For You
Reinterpret the topic “MINIMALISM” in an artistic and philosophical way by designing a sheet for the MINI Wall Calendar 2010.

Twelve winning jury-picked designs will become part of the MINI Wall Calendar 2010 that will be available worldwide to celebrate MINIMALISM, MINI environmental initiative.

MINIMALISM is the communicative umbrella for all activities of the MINI Brand, which contribute to reducing CO2 emission and fuel consumption. MINI has made several new advancements designed to reduce environmental impact and increase fuel efficiency. MINIMALISM includes features such as aerodynamically enhanced bodies, low rolling resistant tires, light weight engines, engine stop-start features, brake energy regeneration systems, optimal shift time indicators and electronic power steering systems.

The inspiration for the name came from the Minimalism movement in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features.

For this special competition your designs do not have to work as a background for MINI Space, and they should not include the MINI logo. We will, however, be providing you with official MINI artwork that must be incorporated into every design. You MUST use at least one of the provided images from the “Required Silhouettes” folder. You can tease, stretch, crop, copy, colour, and otherwise alter the artwork image as long as it finds it’s way into your design in some way. It is there to serve as the foundation of your design. We have provided some other design elements that you can use as you like, they are in the “Optional Forms” folder.

Remember to use your space creatively, but this time, think about how your design could work as a stand-alone printed image. Please do not include the month name or numbers in your design. MINI will do that for you after the winners have been chosen.

The MINI Space Team and MINI Design Team will act as the jury and select the twelve winning designs. Only published designs will be awarded.

We are accepting all forms of still media, but for this competition unaltered photos will not be accepted as final designs.

Your name, country of origin, and the title of your design and description of your motive, along with a link to your MINI Space profile will be mentioned in the calendar.

To sum up:
– Create a page for the MINI Wall Calendar 2010 by interpreting the topic MINIMALISM.
– The design can be made out of any type of still media (photographic, illustration, graphic, etc.) as long as you have the rights to all design elements that you use. Remember, unaltered photographs will not be accepted as final designs.
– Designs should work as stand alone designs.
– Check out a sample of what we are looking for here.
– You must include at least one piece of official MINI artwork in your design.
– Do NOT include: Logos, Calendar numbers, Days or months

Technical Specs:
– Your first upload image should be 1280×1075 pixels in size and JPG format.
– If your design gets selected by the MINI Design Team we need your artwork in the following printable format: 500mm × 420mm, 300dpi, eps or psd files.

Top twelve jury prizes: Apple aluminum 13-inch Mac Book 2.0Ghz AND Your Design and credits in print in the MINI Wall Calendar 2010 with a print run of planned 30.000 calendars worldwide.

Upload at least one (and up to 9) designs until the 8th of May 2009, 11:59am GMT.

Go here for ALL the details.