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mini mini 4 x 4 art show from spraygraphic


Here are the official rules straight from Spraygraphic:

MINI MINI: A 4×4 Mini Art Show
Spraygraphic.com is asking artists from all over the world to submit works of art (all mediums) that are no larger than 4 x 4 inches and that can be hung flat against the a wall. The depth of the artwork can exceed 4inches (ex. Sculpture) but it must be able to be hung on a wall without extraneous assistance. We expect to end up with a gallery full of diverse, compelling, and exquisite little pieces of art.

Requirements: IMPORTANT – Read This to Avoid Problems With Your Submission

1) The Deadline for Entry is March 5th, 2009. THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE!!!


3) The MINI MINI show will be displayed at Push Gallery (Phoenix)on March 6th (Phoenix First Friday) and then moved on March 7th to Cartel Coffee/Art Gallery in Tempe for the rest of the month and and then installed atConspire Art Gallery in Phoenix (5th and Garfield) on April 1st for a month long showing.

4) All submissions must come in a 4×4 format that can be hung flat on a wall. The art can be no larger than 4 inches. but the art’s depth can exceed four inches. The show is open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media, but it must be able to be hung flat on the wall from the back.

5) All artists that submit a piece must have a spraygraphic profile to be accepted for submission. No profile, no hanging.

6) All artists must send information on a typed piece of paper and it must include: their spraygraphic address (Ex. www.spraygraphic.com/chuckb) along with their name, location, title of piece, and price (if selling art), along with any other pertinent info you can think of.

7) All media is accepted. Sculpture, paint, markers, stickers, crayon, etc. are all acceptable.

8) Each artist is allowed up to two (2) pieces.

9) Please make sure your piece is completely dry before shipping. Allow at least 48 hours drying time before packing and shipping your artwork. Also wrap them in plastic or other film, DO NOT USE PAPER.

10) Time is of importance because the show is on March 6th and we would like to begin hanging on March 4th.If you haven’t started it yet then start it, finish it, and send it out…

Everyone that submits a work will be hung at the show on March 6th.

All questions about the show can be directed to minimini@spraygraphic.com.

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