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James Gallagher in new Ink catalog!


Check out Adjunct Faculty James Gallagher’s contribution to the Ink 01 International Illustration Gallery Catalogue.  Tons of other fantastic artists are included, as well.  Here’s the official description of the project:

Communicating stories through illustrations has always been something almost marginal, reserved to a selected percentage of public. But this aspect has evolved so much over recent years that illustration has become very common in our everyday landscapes. It is increasingly used as a tool to work in different creative, commercial and artistic disciplines. That is why, when it comes to reflect and show its current outlook, boundaries are usually dissolved and creators that represent it work in such diverse fields as advertising, graphic design or art.

Ink was born as a meeting point to facilitate the relationship between illustrators and creators from different countries. A space to learn about the current situation of world illustration and in which to talk about and reflect upon its present and also future. It turns to be a conceptual, visual, reflective exploration of illustration that we hope will lead to the finding of new places.

Read and see more about this cool catalogue here.

Congratulations on your inclusion, Jim!

Bonus: You can check out a video preview of the catalogue over at Ink’s Vimeo channel.