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Upcoming Ben Katchor Events

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 7pm
Reading with slideshow
Corcoran Gallery of Art
500 Seventeenth Street NW
Washington, DC
(202) 639-1700
Tickets: $15.00

Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 2pm
A Checkroom Romance
libretto by Ben Katchor
music by Mark Mulcahy
with Ken Maiuri, Flora Reed, Dave Trenholm and Mark Mulcahy
The New School Arts Festival Presents: Noir
Tishman Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street
New York, NY
with Ken Maiuri, Flora Reed, Dave Trenholm and Mark Mulcahy
Free, but reservations suggested. Follow this link:

April 8, 2011 at 2:30pm
First Annual STRANDICON – book signing
Strand Bookstore
Broadway at 12th Street
New York, NY

Saturday, April 9, 2011
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Fest 2011
Signing at Pantheon Books table and panel discussion with Parsons Illustration Associate Professor Lauren Redniss, Stephen DeStefano and Mark Newgarden at 1:30pm
Lexington Avenue Armory
68 Lexington Ave (Between 25th &26th Streets)
New York City

Sunday, April 10. 2011 at 2pm
Lecture: Halftone Printing in the Yiddish Press and Other Objects of Idol Worship
Albany Institute of History and Art
125 Washington Ave.
Albany, NY

Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 7pm
Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore
211 Bernard Ouest.
Montreal, Quebec

Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 7:30pm
Reading and discussion with Daniel Clowes
Free Library of Philadelphia
Central Library
1901 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(between 19th and 20th Streets on the Parkway)

May 6- 29, 2011
Exhibition and readings
Périscopages festival
Recontres de lat Bande Dessinée d’Autheur et de l”Édition Indépendante
Franco-American Institute
7 Quai Châteaubriand
Rennes, France 35000

The Strand Tote Bag Design Contest

The Strand Book Store has partnered with the School of Visual Arts, TOON Books, Drawn & Quarterly and Fantagraphics Books to host a tote bag design contest.

Beginning March 1, 2010, artists from around the world are invited to submit original illustrations featuring the Strand Book Store.

In June 2007, the Strand unveiled the first Artist Tote Bag: Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman loaned his iconic Maus image for the first time ever to celebrate the Strand’s 80th birthday. The Strand then partnered with artists each year, including Adrian Tomine, Seth and Parsons Illustration Alum and Faculty member R. Sikoryak, creating the Strand’s Artist Tote Series. Now, the Strand Book Store wants to give emerging artists the opportunity to have their artwork featured on a Strand tote bag.

Now, the Strand Book Store wants to give emerging artists the opportunity to have their artwork featured on a Strand tote bag.

Contest Dates

March 1-March 31, 2010

Design Requirements

  • The illustration must represent the Strand Book Store.
  • The illustration must include the artist’s signature, “Strand Book Store NYC” and “strandbooks.com” or a representation of the Strand logo (as seen on this page).
  • Size of Illustration: Artwork must be no larger than 11″w x 10″h.
  • Line Weight: Use a minimum of a 2 pt. rule.
  • Halftones: Must be at a 40 line screen or less, with percentages no less than 20% or greater than 60%.
  • No Trapping: If colors come in contact with each other they CAN NOT overlap.
  • Typestyles: Should be no smaller than 20 pt. on 15 oz. fabric with a minimum of 2 pt. rule. Do not use reverse type smaller than 22 pt. with a minimum line rule of 3 pt. Avoid serif typefaces! Their detail tends to get lost in the canvas.

Contest is open to all, aged 18 and above. The Contest is void where prohibited. Please see official rules below.


  • Françoise Mouly, Art Editor of The New Yorker & Editorial Director of TOON Books
  • Art Spiegelman, Pulitzer Prize winning comic artist
  • Steven Heller, co-chair MFA Designer as Author Program, School of Visual Arts
  • R. Sikoryak, creator of the book, Masterpiece Comics
  • Adrian Tomine, author of the bestselling book, Shortcomings


Grand Prize

  • artwork on Strand tote bag, sold in store and online w/ attendant marketing-artist name on all materials
  • an afternoon with Françoise Mouly and staff at TOON Books offices
  • complete set of Drawn & Quarterly’s 2009 titles (value: $450)
  • a selection of new and recent Fantagraphics Books releases (value: $450)
  • complete set of TOON Books (value: $150)
  • $100 Think Coffee Gift Card
  • artwork featured in slideshow on partners’ websites

Second Prize

  • complimentary Continuing Education class at School of Visual Arts (value $470)
  • a selection of signed Drawn & Quarterly books (value $90)
  • “I Don’t Like to Read” TOON Books basket (value: $70)
  • a selection of new and recent Fantagraphics Books releases (value: $50)
  • $100 Think Coffee Gift Card
  • artwork featured in slideshow on partners’ websites

Third Prize

  • DaVinci Artist Supply Gift Card (value $300)
  • “Beginning Reader” TOON books basket (value: $70)
  • a selection of signed Drawn & Quarterly books (value $50)
  • a selection of new and recent Fantagraphics Books releases (value: $50)
  • $100 Think Coffee Gift Card
  • artwork featured in slideshow on partners’ websites

20 Finalists will receive a Strand tote bag filled with Fantagraphics & TOON Books gifts and a $20 Strand gift card.

r. sikoryak's tote for the strand!

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R. Sikoryak at Strand Books tomorrow and SPX this weekend!


The Strand and Drawn & Quarterly Present R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics) and R.O. Blechman (Talking Lines).
Thursday, September 24, 2009 7:00 PM
Slide Shows, Q+A and Signing

NYC is abuzz with excitement over R.O. Blechman and R. Sikoryak joint presentation of their new D+Q books at the Strand this Thursday night at 7 PM. Both R. and R.O. will be presenting slide shows, taking questions and signing the night away. Don’t miss this event! The Village Voice recommends the event by the two “talented satirists” as does the New Yorker.

Need more convincing than that? Well, Steven Heller chose Blechman’s Talking Lines last week to talk about in his Daily Heller column at Print where he states: “All of [Blechman’s] books are a joy, but the bottom line: This one is exceptional.” And there are two interviews with Sikoryak, check them out! The NY Daily News and Publishers Weekly.

For more information visit: www.strandbooks.com


D+Q To Exhibit at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD
Saturday and Sunday, September 26 & 27th, 2009

Signings by Kevin Huizenga, John Porcellino and R. Sikoryak!
Porcellino’s MAP OF MY HEART to debut!

Come say hello to Drawn & Quarterly’s Jessica Campbell and Alison Naturale, as well D+Q cartoonists Kevin Huizenga, John Porcellino and R. Sikoryak.

Sikoryak signing and event schedule:

Saturday, September 27th
1:00 pm- R. Sikoryak spotlight in White Flint Amphitheater
2:00-4:30pm- R. Sikoryak signing

Sunday, September 28th

12:00-1:00 pm- R Sikoryak signing
1:30 pm- Source Based Comic discussion w/ R. Sikoryak, Kate Beaton, Paul Karasik, Ed Piskor
3:00-5:00pm- R Sikoryak signing

For more information: http://www.spxpo.com/

Drawn & Quarterly at the Brooklyn Book Fair (feat. R. Sikoryak!)

d/q signing

Drawn & Quarterly to exhibit at the Brooklyn Book Fair/Festival on Sunday, September 13th!
20th Anniversary Party at Brooklyn’s Rocketship on Saturday, September 12th!
Guy Delisle, R. Sikoryak, R.O. Blechman, Adrian Tomine, Gabrielle Bell and Ron Rege Jr!

For the third year in a row, D+Q will be exhibiting at the Brooklyn Book Festival. The festival has kindly invited Guy Delisle (Burma Chronicles, Pyongyang, Shenzhen) to be a special guest on the festival’s international stage, which will mark Delisle’s first-ever NYC event. D+Q cartoonists in attendance will be [Parsons Illustration Alum and Faculty] R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics), R. O. Blechman (Talking Lines), Adrian Tomine (Shortcomings), Gabrielle Bell (Cecil & Jordan In New York) and Ron Rege Jr. (Skibber Bee Bye, Against Pain). To celebrate such a momentous gathering of D+Q cartoonists as well as toast to the company’s 20th Anniversary, please join us for cocktails at the Brooklyn purveyor of fine comics, Rocketship, on Saturday evening.

Saturday, September 12th, 7:00 PM
Rocketship, 208 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, September 13th, 10:00AM-6:00 PM
Brooklyn Book Festival, Borough Hall, Brooklyn NY

11:00 AM Guy Delisle on the BBF’s International Stage
11:00-12:00 PM Gabrielle Bell & Ron Rege Jr signing
12:00-2:00 PM Guy Delisle & Adrian Tomine signing
2:00-4:00 PM R. O. Blechman & R. Sikoryak signing
4:00-6:00 PM Guy Delisle & Gabrielle Bell signing

All signings will be at the Drawn & Quarterly booth!

R. Sikoryak Events at Comic-Con this weekend!


POP PERVERSITY panel at Comic-Con

Parsons Illustration Alum Isabel Samaras (On Tender Hooks),
Ron English (Popaganda)
Parsons Illustration Alum and Faculty R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics).

Moderated by Colin Berry (On Tender Hooks). Parodists from the worlds of art and comics show how their sharp, sly images blur the boundaries between the popular and the profound, the propagandistic and the profane. Parody is a familiar part of our culture, but when done right it can still shock and awe, revealing deep truths while it makes us cackle.

Friday, July 24 • 6 – 7 pm • Room 32AB


R. Sikoryak signing his new book at Comic-Con
Drawn and Quarterly table  number 1529

San Diego Convention Center

Yes, this is it, folks, the busiest, most hectic week of the year! We will be in our usual booth, number 1529, around all of our peers and friends, Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Giant Robot, and more so please stop by to say hi, get a book signed by Seth, R. Sikoryak and Jason Lutes.

“What?” you say..”a book by R. Sikoryak?!?” Yes, years in the making, we present to you this week in its full color glory, the debut of Masterpiece Comics, which gets a lovely starred review in this week’s Publishers Weekly and last week, Bob was interviewed by the DailyCrosshatch. We will also have plenty of super-duper double-sided Masterpiece Comics posters to give away with each purchase of the book.

Thursday, July 23
5:00-7:00 Seth + R. Sikoryak signing

Friday, July 24
12:00-2:00 R. Sikoryak signing
3:30-5:00 R. Sikoryak signing
6:00-7:00 Pop Perversity Panel featuring R. Sikoryak (Room 32AB)

Saturday, July 25
12:00-2:00 Seth + R. Sikoryak signing
4:00-6:00 R. Sikoryak + Seth signing

Sunday, July 26
12:00-3:00 Jason Lutes + R. Sikoryak signing


Also, please join the Cartoon Art Museum at booth #1930 for its Third Annual Sketch-A-Thon at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer.  Artists will be drawing for the museum all weekend to raise funds to support the Cartoon Art Museum as it gears up for its 25th anniversary celebration this December.  Special guests include Phil Foglio (Girl Genius), Jeff Keane (The Family Circus), Keith Knight (K Chronicles), Bobby London (Dirty Duck), David Lloyd (V for Vendetta), Ted Naifeh (How Loathsome), and many, many more.

Thursday, July 23
12pm-1pm:  Phil Foglio
1pm-2pm:  Lisa Ann Wilson, Rudy Reyes
2pm-3pm:  Ted Naifeh
3pm-4pm:  Bobby London
4pm-5pm:  Zach Weiner
5pm-6pm:  Debbie Huey
6pm-7pm:  Brian Kolm

Friday, July 24
12pm-1pm:  Brian Kolm, Ron Yavnieli
1pm-2pm:  Anthony Hon
2pm-3pm:  Susie Cagle, Keith Knight
3pm-4pm:  Bobby London, Scott Shaw!
4pm-5pm:  Dirk Tiede, David Lloyd
5pm-6pm:  Mike & Doug Gray

Saturday, July 25
11am-12pm:  Batton Lash
12pm-1pm:  Karen Luk, Brian Kolm
1pm-2pm:  Derek Kirk Kim, Jason Thompson
2pm-3pm:  Jeff Keane, Ryan Germick
3pm-4pm:  Bobby London
4pm-5pm:  Rick Parker
5pm-6pm:  Daniel Salcido
6pm-7pm:  Lanny Liu, Jason Thompson

Sunday, July 26
12pm-1pm:  Ron Yavnieli, Charlie Roberts
1pm-2pm:  Lisa Ann Wilson
2pm-3pm:  Charles Yoakum
3pm-4pm:  Daniel Salcido
4pm-5pm:  R. Sikoryak