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Japanese Illustrators in NY Cre8

Straight from the Illustration Inbox…

NY Coo Gallery

July 9th-July 26th, 2008
Opening Reception : July 11th, 5:00PM-7:30PM

“JAPANESE ILLUSTRATORS IN NY Cre8-vol.5” is the fifth installment of group exhibition presented by Cre8 (pronounced “create”), the Japanese artist management agency established in 1972. The company, which represents over 300 illustrators, acts as a bridge that spans artists and businesses.

In Japan, illustrations can be found in every printed medium – from advertisement and magazines to newspapers and even textbooks. As a result, there is an abundance of work opportunities for illustrators including freelancers.

Illustrations were originally conceived as ways to literally ‘illustrate’ complex matters, ideas and information to make them easier to understand, or see. With advancement of computer graphics and new creative materials, as well as growing popularity of anime and manga, the importance of illustrations as communication medium has increased dramatically in recent years. Today, illustrations, with a seemingly endless array of available creative possibilities, have become the centerpiece of Japanese media culture.

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