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14 Artists featuring Jordin Isip


New Image Art is pleased to announce a new group show entitled “14 Artists.” Selected through a series of studio visits and correspondences 14 young artists have to come together culminating figurative style in various mediums from painting and drawings to sculpture and collage.

Dennis McNett (Brooklyn, NY) will be exhibiting his striking sculpture of a giant Wolfbat. Offsetting these are evocative images by Paul Wackers (San Francisco, CA), pairing decorative and organic, textile-like patterning to create colorful landscapes. Paintings by Richard Colman (San Francisco, CA) along with collages by Erik Foss (New York, NY) depict edgy erotic subject matter that enchant or shock, to the viewers delight. Drawing on psychedelic counterculture is the vivacious portraiture of Eddie Ruscha (Los Angeles, CA), alongside equally spirited painterly images of popular magazine covers by Kellesimone Waits (Los Angeles, CA). Lori D. (Portland, OR), a regular jane of all trades adds to all of this with folk-like paintings that are often humorous in nature with an animated quality to them. Layers and layers of torn, collaged newspaper under every painting give texture and depth to (Parsons Illustration Adjunct Faculty) Jordin Isip‘s (Brooklyn, NY) images of pensive figures. Juxtaposing the whimsical appeal of Jordin Isip is artist Cleon Peterson (Los Angeles, CA). His hyper-violent paintings reflect the anxiety of our times with clashing figures symbolizing struggle between power and submission in the fluctuating architecture of contemporary society. Recycled artwork by The Date Farmers echoes Mexican-American heritage rooted in California pop culture. Their paintings, collages and three-dimensional sculptures contain elements influenced by graffiti, Mexican street murals, traditional revolutionary posters, sign painting, prison art and tattoos. Keeping the blood flowing through the veins of the streets is the art of Judith Supine (Brooklyn, NY) with his distinct color palette, subject matter, technique, and bold themes; his street installations and collages resonate with a growing audience. Reverberating this is graphic imagery of Skullphone’s (Los Angeles, CA) large painted canvas. Adding a playful yet charming element to the group is muralist and painter My Mo (Berlin, Germany) with hand-painted monsters on brown paper bags.