News about Illustration Alumni David Horvath & Ugly Dolls

bossy bear bookbossy bear with box

David Horvath, Illustration Department alum and co-creator of Ugly Dolls (with his wife Sun Min Kim, who is also an Illustration alum!), has a new toy out based on the title character from his first picture book, Bossy Bear. Both the book and the toy are available now at Giant Robot and online.

Additionally, the first ever Uglycon will be held this December. Here’s some info from David’s blog:


Saturday December 8th at 6PM!
618 Shrader St
San Francisco, CA 94117

COSTUME CONTEST! Dress up as your favorite or least favorite UGLY
and win super secret prizes!

What is Uglycon? It’s original art, prints, paintings, hand made Uglys,
limited production Uglycon exclusives, and fun for all!


Congratulations to David and Sun Min on their continued success after Parsons!

(all images by David Horvath and Giant Robot)

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