Daniel Clowes–In the New York Times and on the Simpsons

mr wonderful title

mr. wonderful

For those of you who missed it, the New York Times magazines has been running a new installment of Mr. Wonderful, a comic created by Daniel Clowes (of Eightball fame), every week since mid-September. Luckily, you can access the first strip here and download the rest, as well! The strip runs through mid-January, 2008.

Also, I hope that some of you caught the episode of The Simpsons episode last night that featured not only Dan Clowes , but also Art Spiegelman (Pulitzer-prize winning creator of Maus) and Alan Moore (creator of Watchman–who discusses his appearance on the show here). Great stuff.

For a New York Times slideshow about the language of the graphic novel, go here.