New York Comics and Picture-story Symposium: April 12, Sam Gross

April 12 – Sam Gross, on his career of producing non-politically correct cartoons

7-9 PM

Room M 101 (Bark room), 66 Fifth Ave., lobby level

Sam Gross was born in the Bronx and attended DeWitt Clinton High School, which at the time was an all-boys school. He attended City College, starting as a business major, transferring to accounting major, and finally majored in advertising. Gross ended up taking a lot of art and history courses. He began cartooning in 1962. His cartoons have appeared in numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Harvard Business Review and The New Yorker. He was cartoon editor for National Lampoon and Parents Magazine. Gross also became involved in electronic publishing ventures with cartoons playing an important role.