2016 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Show

Four Parsons illustration students were awarded by the jury financial scholarships for their work in the 2016 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship show. The judges had to select the recipients of the 29 scholarships from the 250 student works chosen for the show (this from the initial 7,500 submissions).


29, “squash,” Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas,45 x 45 ", 2015, Lauren Redniss, Thesis My overall goal with this series of drawings and paintings is to bring forward the theme of sports in the context of fine arts. This specific subject was chosen bescause of its significance in societies around the world. As a subject, it touches on issues of nationalism, spectacle, and my personal, the common human experience. This work is based mostly memory and skill. By tying the sport directly to the action of creating the work, my pieces will rethink the identities and abilities of individual athletes, thus showing a more total and universal appreciation of the performance. The drawings will not try to be realistic at all, shifting our notion of sports imagery and questioning high definition, hence presenting sports in its raw nature: pure emotion. The strokes, colors and quality of the works will be used to call into question the viewer’s memory of specific moments, shedding light on ideas of collective recollection.

Adrian Mangel


$2,000 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award

Faculty: Lauren Redniss


Qiaoyi Shi

“Childhood Memory V”

$1,100 The FoTN Award

Faculty: Paul Marcus

Image number 3 "Classroom"  mixed media painting 19x22" Senior Thesis- Chang Park, Fall 2015 For my thesis project I would like to explore the worlds that exist within Haruki Murakami’s novels and short stories. I would focus specifically on Kafka On The Shore, The Elephant Vanishes, Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, and 1Q84. What appeals to me about these stories is the existence of an alternate world and how characters and strange incidents parallel one another in each world. Rather than illustrating each novel or story on its own I would like to layer and mesh many of the different worlds together to create a new scenario that seems familiar yet removed.

Erica Mao


$1,000 in Memory of Lila Dryer

Faculty: Chang Park/Guy Billout

5: "Ballerina Funeral". Needlefelted Wool. 7 x 2. March 2015. Caty Bartholomew. Toy Concept Development & Design. A little ballerina who didn't make it, but she still looks great.

Alexandra Glenn-Collins

“Ballerina Funeral”

$150 John Klammer 3D Award

Faculty: Caty Bartholomew

The Opening Reception and Awards ceremony will take place on Friday, May 13th.