Follow-up: NY Art Book Fair at P.S. 1


This past weekend, Illustration FT Faculty Lauren Redniss and myself attended the New York Art Book Fair and Conference at P.S. 1.

There were a zillion great things to see and here are some favorites:

1 Typography 1 Let's

  • Keiji Ito’s estactic utopia complete with rainbow bathers by the pool, parrots, zebras, and lush lawns growing pecan cookies at Gallery 360 of Japan:

3 Keiichi Tanaami cover

5 warhol cover

  • Andy Warhol showed up at many of the booths, in collaborative work with Francesco Clemente and Jean-Michel Basquiat, in prints, and here in a book of eardrawings.
  • 14 mike slack Polaroids from Mike Slack’s three collections:

9 copenhagen

  • From Hurricane Publishing of Copenhagen showed Magi, a collaboration between artists Malene Hartmann and Gitte Bach.

7 newspaper 2

  • Lauren loved these newspapers, painted over with ink dots, though didn’t write down the artist, so please, if anyone knows, give a shout!

Here are some other images snapped at the fair, and if you have a chance, read some reviews of the fair (for example: here ) to get a sense of the whole fantastic scene.  It was a wonderful event that proved artists are still pushing themselves to create incredibly intricate and innovative artifacts.