Call for Entries: Illustrators 52!

SOI 52

ILLUSTRATORS 52 is now accepting entries online and Nora Krug, Associate Professor of Illustration, is Chair of the competition this year!

To upload your entries, please format your artwork to these specs:

72 dpi, RGB, JPEG file, 700 pixels on the longest side.

Please provide all of the appropriate credit information for each entry. THIS INFORMATION MUST BE COMPLETED TO BE JUDGED!


Any illustration created or initially published between October 1, 2008 and November 1, 2009 that has not been accepted in the Annual previously, is eligible. International entries are welcome. Each submission will receive consideration by every member of the jury for its category. Please be certain that the original art will be available for exhibition and can remain at the Society from January through March 2010. High-quality prints will be hung in the case of digitally created art only.


All accepted entries will be reproduced in full color in the Illustrators 52 Annual. Complete credit will accompany the image, including size, media and artist’s and/or rep’s phone number(s). The Hanging/Publication fee is required for reproduction in the book, whether or not the work was displayed in the exhibition.


Gold and Silver Medals will be presented to the illustrators and art directors whose works are judged the best in each category. Medals will be presented only if original art is available to hang in the exhibition. A high-quality print will qualify in case of digitally created work.


The Sequential Gala will take place on Friday, January 8, 2010.

The Editorial and Book Gala will take place on Friday, February 5, 2010.

The Advertising, Institutional and Uncommissioned Awards Gala will take place on Friday, March 5, 2010.

Ticket information will follow.


Sequential: January 6- January 23, 2010

Editorial and Book: January 27 – February 20, 2010

Advertising, Institutional and Uncommissioned- February 24- March 20, 2010


All work whether published or not, should be entered in one of the first six categories:

Any multi-image project for which a sequence of images is necessary to fully convey an idea or story. Examples: work that has been produced or published as comics, visual journalism or short visual narratives and picture stories, or graphic novels. Individual images from sequential may also be submitted in their respective categories. Self-published projects must be published in a run of at least 500 copies. Children’s book entries should be entered in the Book category only, not Sequential.

Examples: work commissioned by newspapers or magazines, medical and scientific journals or online magazines.

Examples: all illustrations originally commissioned for use inside or on the covers of hardbound and paperback books, including fiction and non-fiction; children’s and young adult literature and comic books. Promotional posters or advertisements depicting book art must be submitted in the book category.

Examples: illustrations for advertisements appearing in newspapers, magazines or on television; video and CD covers; brochures, fashion, point-of-purchase and packaging illustration; movie and theater posters.

Examples: work appearing on merchandise, announcements, annual reports, calendars, corporate projects, government service projects, greeting cards, newsletters, in-house publications, philatelic work and collectibles.

This includes all self-generated work such as portfolio samples, sourcebook ads and uncommissioned stock that are currently unpublished except as promotion for the artist or artist’s representative. Commissioned but un-published work appearing as self-promotion should be entered in the category for which the work was originally created. There will be no art directors or clients credited for uncommissioned works.


$30 per entry for non-members of the Society of Illustrators.

$20 for members of the Society of Illustrators entering their own illustrations.

$35 per entry for non-members of the Society of Illustrators entering Comics/Sequential

$30 for members of the Society of Illustrators entering their own Comics/Sequential

Art directors and designers pay the non-member fees.

Deadline for entry is October 30th!

Illustration by Lorenzo Mattato. Design by Arem Duplessis. Chair: Nora Krug. Co-Chair: Edel Rodriguez