Behind the Contest: #WanderingMind Notebook Event Weds. 9/30 7PM

Join us this Wednesday for a live event at the NYU Moleskine store to celebrate the Parsons-Moleskine Collaboration in an informal talk.

Hear from the participants about the process behind the creations for #WanderingMind.

The first 5 to come in with RSVP receive a free #WanderingMind Limited Edition Notebook by artist & Parsons alumni Noe Paparella.

All atendees will receive a 20% discount* during the event. RSVP here.

Moleskine Store – NYU New York
75 University Place
New York, NY 10003

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

Noe Paparella's winning designs

Noe Paparella’s winning designs


“The hardest decision to make when it comes to this kind of project is whether you should pursue your own style or if you should match the style of the brand,” said Noe Paparella, winner of the Parsons School of Design/Moleskine project, a competition that challenged 51 seniors from Parsons’ BFA in Illustration program to design a cover for a Moleskine cahier journal and bellyband using the prompt #WanderingMind. “In my case, it wasn’t so complicated because my aesthetic is aligned with Moleskine’s aesthetic.”

Paparella’s design has been produced and will start being sold Aug. 14 exclusively in Moleskine’s store at 75 University Place, just a few blocks from The New School’s University Center (New School students receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases at the store).

Students responded to the prompt #WanderingMind in myriad different ways, designing illustrations that range from the whimsical to the literal, the organic to the geometric, and the minimalistic to the ornate. However, there is a common thread running through each of the designs: a passion for exploration.


Steven Guarnica, Associate Professor of Illustration, said the project provides students with the opportunity to design a product for a company that is “intrinsic to their lives.”

“Besides being a cultural artifact with a high profile in the creative industry, the Moleskine notebook is something students actually use—something that they are deeply invested in,” he said. “Even though students fully embrace the digital age, the sketch book and the pen is still the starting point for everything that we do.”

Read the full story about the project here on The New School News, but come Wednesday to ask questions and get yourself a Moleskin!