Aperture artist talk with Joshua Rashaad McFadden

Artist Talk with Joshua Rashaad McFadden


Aperture, in collaboration with the photography program at Parsons School of Design at The New School, is pleased to present an artist talk with Joshua Rashaad McFadden. Through the use of photography and archive, McFadden explores African American male identity, masculinity, and notions of the father figure—providing a frame of reference that articulates the many personalities of Black men. His work continually investigates themes related to identity, masculinity, history, race, and sexuality. McFadden also documents social justice issues related to police brutality and the continuing protests across the United States.


Joshua Rashaad McFadden (born in Rochester, New York, 1990) is a visual artist and assistant professor of photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. He holds a BA in fine art from Elizabeth City State University, North Carolina, and an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia. McFadden was named one of the top emerging talents in the world by LensCulture in 2015, and he received a first-place prize in the 2020 International Photography Awards for After Selma, his response to the numerous recent incidents of police brutality. He also won the first place IPA award in 2016 for “Come to Selfhood,” a project examining African American manhood. In 2017, McFadden was recognized as one of Time magazine’s “American Voices” and received the Duke University Archive of Documentary Arts Collection Award for Documentarians of Color. McFadden won the 2018 Communication Arts Award of Excellence for his I Am A Man series with Smithsonian Magazine. He has also been published in the New York TimesNew York Times MagazineSlate,Travel + LeisureVanity Fair, and Financial Times. McFadden’s work has been exhibited at institutions such as the George Eastman Museum and Fotografiska New York, and he teaches workshops nationally and internationally.

BFA Photography Professor Graham MacIndoe and Journalism + Design Professor Susan Stellin Curate Reframing Recovery at Aronson Galleries

Curated by Graham MacIndoe & Susan Stellin

April 6-21, 2019

Gallery hours: Open daily 12:00–6:00 p.m. and Thurs. until 8:00 p.m.

 Tuesday, April 9th: Opening reception : 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Panel discussion: 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, Parsons School of Design, The New School

66 Fifth Ave. @ 13th St., New York City


There are about 23 million people in the United States who have successfully resolved a problem with drugs or alcohol, but we rarely see or hear their stories compared to depictions of addiction in media, art, music, and film. Although not everyone identifies as being “in recovery” and many people can’t publicly acknowledge their past because of stigma or the consequences of admitting illegal drug use, a growing movement is working to offer examples of success and hope to those still struggling with addiction.

The goal of this exhibit is not just to show that recovery is possible, but also to highlight some of the ways people have rebuilt their lives: reconnecting with their families, finding rewarding work, developing meaningful relationships with partners, peers, and others who offer support. We also wanted to feature some of the treatment providers and harm reduction services that many people rely on, often at times when they feel isolated and overwhelmed. Recovery is rarely a solo journey and it usually involves setbacks and hurdles, but the more we talk about it, share ideas, and embrace different paths, the more people will find their way.

Following the opening reception on April 9th at 6:30 PM, will be a compelling panel discussion, called Art, Media, Research, and Advocacy: What Shapes Public Opinion and Drug Policy? The panel features Graham Macindoe, Tracie Gardner, the
vice president of policy advocacy, Legal Action Center, and Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, principal Investigator and deputy director, Institute of Infectious Disease Research National Development Research Institutes, Inc.  The program is part of the Open Society Foundation’s Dialogue on Drug Policy series at The New School and will be moderated by Susan Stellin . Panelists will discuss how art, media, research, and advocacy can influence how we respond to problematic drug use—through treatment, harm reduction, and other services—and help people rebuild their lives after addiction.

Contributing Artists: Nina Berman, Allan Clear, John Donadeo, Yannick Fornacciari, Tony Fouhse, Paul Gorman, John Linder, Luceo, Graham MacIndoe, Josh Meltzer, Jackie Neal, Neil Sneddon, and Susan Stellin.

Student Projects, supervised by Graham MacIndoe and Julia Gorton, assistant professor of communications at The New School: Sara Akiki, Carly Bayroff, Scouts Palframan, Ellie Plass, Josie Stevenson, and Lucy Xin.

Curator bios:

Graham MacIndoe is a photographer and assistant professor at Parsons and Susan Stellin is a reporter and adjunct professor in the Journalism + Design department at The New School who recently completed a master’s in public health at Columbia University. They have collaborated on various projects combining interviews and photography, including exhibitions, talks, and a memoir documenting Graham’s addiction, incarceration, and recovery.

Many of the contributing artists in this exhibition have personal experience with addiction and recovery, while others have worked closely with the people whose stories they documented through long-term collaborative projects.

Graham MacIndoe & Susan Stellin: Re-Entry & Recovery

Portraits and interviews with people navigating life after addiction and incarceration, from a larger series documenting stories of recovery.

Nina Berman: An autobiography of Miss Wish

A multi-dimensional collaborative work focusing on the story of one woman and the intersection of sexual trauma, mental illness, addiction, and recovery.

Allan Clear: Lower East Side Needle Exchange

Photos of people, events, activism, and art from this community center at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the early 1990s.

John Donadeo: Family Ties

Portraits of John’s extended family and friends exploring the socioeconomic and familial factors that impact addiction and recovery.

Yannick Fornacciari: Heroin Days

Images and text juxtaposing Yannick’s first day on methadone with how he felt after a year of treatment.

Tony Fouhse: Live Through This

Photos of a young woman Tony met who asked for help getting into a rehab program, which enabled her to escape life on the street.

Paul Gorman: Rip and Run

Spoken word pieces and images commenting on Paul’s past drug use and his life now in recovery.

John Linder: Art Therapy

Artwork John created in a program that helps participants use art as part of a therapeutic process to address drug and alcohol problems.

Luceo: Harm Reductionists

Photos of supporters of the harm reduction movement paired with handwritten responses to question prompts.

Graham MacIndoe: Thank You for Sharing

Instagram and Facebook posts reflecting on Graham’s addiction, incarceration, and recovery, which have inspired others to share their experiences as well.

Josh MeltzerDopesick—Agents of Change

Portraits of treatment providers, healthcare workers, activists, and counselors shot for Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America, by Beth Macy.

Jackie Neale: Common Ground Tacony

A cyanotype portrait banner of Richard, who tends to a garden in the Tacony neighborhood of North Philadelphia as part of his recovery from addiction.

Neil Sneddon: Developing Recovery

Photos taken by clients Neil asked to document the people, places, and things they identified as meaningful for their recovery.

Student Projects

Lucy Xin & Josie Stevenson: Responding to Recovery

An interactive experience inviting visitors to respond to open-ended questions about what recovery means to them by writing their thoughts on wall panels and postcards.

Carly Bayroff & Scoutt Palframan: Not Just a Label

An animated projection that replaces derogatory terms associated with people who use drugs with positive identities, to show that no one should be defined by negative labels.

Ellie Plass: Harm Reduction at The New School

An interview addressing student substance use, addiction, harm reduction services, and rehabilitation based on insight from those who have direct experience with this issue.

  Sara Akiki: Recovery in Perspective

A project that uses stenciling to reframe our notion of recovery by allowing viewers to re-evaluate the world from a different perspective.

Thanks to: Luke Hayman and Elyanna Blaser-Gould at Pentagram Design, Hashem Eaddy, The National, and everyone who worked with the artists and shared their stories.

MFA Photography 2014 Alumni Gabriel Sanchez Selected as a Juror in 2019 Daylight Photo Awards

MFA Photography 2014 Alumni Gabriel Sanchez has been selected as a Juror for the 2019 Daylight Photo Awards!

We encourage Parsons students and alumni to submit to the 2019 Daylight Photo Awards. The winner will receive $1000a digital feature and a chance to have their project considered for publication. Previous Daylight Photo Award winners include Zhang Kechun, Bryan Schutmaat, Aaron Vincent Elkaim,Tamas Dezso and Katrin Koenning.


Healthy Materials Lab is Hiring!


Are you looking to join a team of passionate and creative people working to make the world a healthier place for all people? Healthy Materials Lab is looking for a Research Assistant with videography (both recording and video editing), graphic design, systems mapping, and/or data visualization skills to join our team.

This student will assist with recording and editing videos, including interviews and events; diagramming and mapping systems; visualizing complex information into accessible formats, and creating assets for events and general HML use.

Requirements: Undergraduate or Graduate student at The New School with strong representation abilities. Must be a team player, hard-working, and ready to dive into new material.

Apply Here to be considered for Spring Semester work!


The 4th Annual En Foco Photography Fellowship Submission Deadline December 16th

En Foco is a non-profit organization that nurtures and supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, African and Asian Heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific. Since it was founded in 1974, En Foco has been an outspoken leader and advocate for the equitable support and access to resources for photographers of color. It has a distinguished itself through its sustained commitment to providing its primary constituency and the communities they represent financial support, public programming, information services and cultural advocacy initiatives.

The 4th Annual En Foco Photography Fellowship is designed to support photographers of color who demonstrate the highest quality of work as determined by a photography panel of peers and industry professionals. The Photography Fellowship Program will:

• award 10 Fellowships at $1,000 per,
• include Fellows in a 2019 Group Exhibition,
• feature the Fellows in the 2019 Nueva Luz publication printed and online editions, and
• provide Professional Development and Networking Opportunities.

En Foco is highly regarded for its leadership in support of photographers of color and for its advocacy role in addressing the issues related to cultural equity and access. Previous Fellows have had access to many opportunities beyond the fellowship as a result of this award.



• Photographers of Latino, African, Asian American heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific.
• Must be a resident of New York City or New York State for the past year at the time of submission and must show proof of residency.
• Must be at least 18 years of age.
• Collaborating photographers are eligible to apply BUT only one photographer can submit the application.
• Previous fellowship recipients must wait three years before they can reapply.
• Photography for consideration must represent work completed after 2016.


Please visit En Foco’s website to apply!

Convergence Exhibition Opening Reception November 29th, 2018

Can works of art create social space through the communities they implicate?
Convergence explores this possibility through art works that address race, gender, class and nationality, and are composed in dialogue, unison and dissonance within the exhibition space. Inspired by Homi Bhabha’s description of social processes where “things come from different places, through different media, different histories, and converge in a place, idea, or image” (Artforum/2017), this show brings together an assemblage that disobeys the conventional boundaries of individual works, blurring the lines of authorship and allowing new forms of collective expression to emerge from these interactions.
The exhibition features work from current students from the MFA (Adrian White, Zeshan Ahmed ) and BFA (Luis Diaz) Photography programs.

Visual Aids Day With(out) Art December 1st – 4th 2019

Day Without Art Screening

2 West 13th Street, Lobby

December 1-4, 2018

ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS is the 29th iteration of Visual AIDS’ longstanding Day With(out) Art project. Highlighting the impact of art in contemporary AIDS activism and advocacy, the program features new short videos from six inspiring community organizations and collectives—ACT UP NY, Positive Women’s Network, Sero Project, The SPOT, Tacoma Action Collective, and VOCAL NY.

ALTERNTE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS seeks to reflect the persisting urgencies of today’s HIV/AIDS epidemic, including HIV criminalization, Big Pharma, homelessness, and the disproportionate effects of HIV on marginalized communities. At a moment of growing interest in the histories of AIDS activism, ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS foregrounds contemporary engagements between activists, artists, and cultural workers on the front lines.

The New School’s Student Health Services supports and provides sex positive and harm reduction services and programs.  From HIV testing to PEP/PrEP to opioid overdose prevention and Sex-E workshops. For more info and to get involved: Knowledge is power and every day is World AIDS Day.
Screenings will be held all day in the lobby of 2 West 13th Street, December 1-4.

Photofeast Pin Up Fall 2018

Photofeast Pin Up Fall 2018
Photofeast is a collective of photographs and other creatives from The New School. Our bi-annual pin-up show is your opportunity to display your work, and network with other artists and make new friends!

Date and Time
Friday, November 9th, 2018
5:00 – 6:30PM – Pin Up
7:00 – 9:00PM – Show

66 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor

BFA Photography Alumni Kambui Olujimi Presents SKYWRITERS & CONSTELLATIONS at the Newark Museum

BFA Photography alumni Kambui Olujimi presents SKYWRITERS & CONSTELLATIONSa solo exhibition at the Newark Museum. SKYWRITERS will premiere in the museum’s Dreyfuss Planetarium along with CONSTELLATIONS, a series of lithographs, debuting in the Garden Passage. Both works build on the narratives of Olujimi’s 2012 novella, Wayward North. Kambui Olujimi is a Brooklyn native whose multi-disciplinary practice calls attention to the assumptions that underlie our understanding of the world at large. The Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, November 3rd from 5pm – 7pm. RSVP ahead of time by emailing with the Subject “Skywriters”. 

Geste Paris Open Call Exhibition Submission Binary / Non-Binary October 19th Deadline

GESTE Paris is committed to experimental processes and invites photo-based artworks from outside the normal bounds of photography. GESTE Paris is an annual underground exhibition of experimental photography organised Shiva Lynn Burgos. GESTE brings together vintage and contemporary works by both established and emerging artists. Like a secret speakeasy GESTE is presented in the convivial setting of a classic Parisian apartment that provides a space for reflection and dialogue. GESTE is the nexus of a private collection, artwork from leading galleries, and a selection by invited curators.

GESTE Invites submissions from artists and photographers for the open call.

Black or white, on or off, male or female, digital or analog, zero or one. A binary viewpoint divides the world cleanly and everything is in one category or the other, as two alternatives existing in opposition. The non-binary viewpoint opens the world up to a multiplicity of categories, rejecting the simplification and contrasting nature of the binary position and yet must include both the single and the infinite. How do artists exemplify these concepts today and how do they co-exist?

The world is not black and white but full of greyscale and colour and even ultra- and infra- colours beyond the range of our human eyes.  Where does the spectrum lie in terms of scientifically definable code, digital geometry, astrometrics, consciousness, sexuality, spirituality, artificial intelligence and the technological singularity?

Open Call submission deadline – 19 October

Public jury selection announcement – 26 October

Exhibition opens – 5 November 2018                    

Further details of the Open Call are on our website     


Curators for Binary / Non-Binary are Shiva Lynn Burgos(US/France), Georg Bak(Switzerland) and Alisa Phommaxahay(France/Laos). The International Jury includes Raina Lampkins-Fielder (museum curator and multimedia artist), Marc Lenot (mathematician, economist and art critic), Brandei Estes(Head of Photographs at Sotheby’s London), Robin Hanson (author professor and researcher: The Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University, A.I. programmer NASA), Dominic Palfreyman (financier, art philanthropist and collector), Jason Bailey (blockchain, provenance, and digital art expert, creator of and ORLAN (artist) as honorable artist counselor to the jury.

The exhibition will include such notable artists as Constantin Brancusi, Frederick Sommer, Pierre Molinier, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ned & Shiva Productions, Francis Ruyter, Olaf Nicolai, Ghost of a Dream, Zean Cabangis, CJ Heyliger, Susan Morris, Nicolas Schöffer, Hannibal Volkoff, Samra Habib, Quentin Houdas, Gianfranco Caravaggi, Martin Déselets, Elger Esser

Philadelphia Arts Center Contemporary Photography Competition Call For Entries

Contemporary Photography Competition

2 Artists will win $5,000 each and concurrent solo exhibitions from April 11, 2019 –
May 25, 2019. PPAC understand’s that contemporary photography takes many forms, we are open to all photography, digital imaging, film/video, and lens-based installation work.

Juror Lucy Gallun, Assistant Curator, Department of Photography, The Museum of Modern Art
Submission Dates February 1 – June 1, 2018
Entry Fee $30 for a maximum of 10 images

For more information and how to enter

Part Time Faculty Sarah Hasted Interviews with German artist Manuel Knapp

Part Time Faculty Member Sarah Hasted has recently published her interview with Manuel Knapp titled: “STRINGING THE ART WORLD ALONG: Art Dealer SARAH HASTED Interviews German Artist MANUEL KNAPP”. You can read the introduction to the interview below and watch a video of audio excerpts.

“When I first experienced the work of young, German artist, MANUEL KNAPP, it was last summer in July. I was on a whirlwind art tour of Swabia, Germany, a passenger in a 911 Porsche, visiting private museums, meeting art collectors, and enjoying the most spectacular meal I have ever eaten in my life. Situated in the heart of the small village of Grossglattbach, in the attic above a small restaurant called the Lamm, owned by a husband and wife team, is their son, Manuel Knapp’s unique atelier. After eating, not one but two dinners (no joke), I climbed up the steep steps in my high heels and full belly, to the studio. On the top floor of this traditional German, half timber house, is a thoughtful showcase of sophisticated, complicated and truly obsessive, 3 dimensional works made entirely of string.
Knapp’s art works have been acquired by private and public art collectors, and the permanent collections of some of the most prestigious private museums in the world, Kunstwerk: Sammlung Klein and theMuseum Ritter:Sammlung Marli Hoppe Ritter, and the Collection Pforzheim, additionally, he has been commissioned to do site specific works, and his art career is just beginning.
Perhaps I am attracted to Manuel’s intricate and meticulously hand woven works because they remind me of the American Indian textiles that I grew up with in New Mexico, or simply because they are a perfect combination of what happens when organic materials meet an obsessive mind. Whatever the reason for the attraction, the works are undeniably magnetic.
I encourage a studio visit with Manuel, go with an empty stomach, savor every delicious bite, then go upstairs and feast your eyes on Manuel’s remarkable art works, the whole experience will not only leave you wanting more, but will be one of the most authentic and genuine experiences you will ever have….you can thank me later.”



This full-day symposium will feature projects that question official histories, disrupt the power structures embedded in archives, and explore the radical possibility of alternative narratives. Free and open to the public!

Photography Expanded is an annual event that brings together photographers, writers, technologists, students, and other creative thinkers to experiment with new approaches to visual storytelling.

This event is free and open to the public, and seating is on a first come, first served basis. Speakers and full schedule will be released in the coming weeks.

The program is organized by the Magnum Foundation in collaboration with Parsons School of Design at The New School, and featured as part of The New School’s Nth Degree Series: Creative Minds Creating Change.

May 1, 2018
9:00 AM–4:00 PM
Reception to follow

The New School
63 5th Avenue, NYC


Arts Intern NYC Seeking Students for Summer Internship Opportunities (The New Museum, The Frick Collection, The Brooklyn Museum, MOMA PS1)

Arts Intern NYC, a program that pairs financial aid-dependent college students with prestigious and engaging internships in the arts are currently recruiting students for. Paid Summer Arts Internships in New York City for College Students! – The program runs from June 4th through August 3rd (9 weeks).   – Internships last 9 weeks and interns work 35 hours a week. Interns will be paid $13.00 per hour. Upon completion of final reports and submission of final documents, interns will receive an additional $500 stipend. In order to be paid the full amount, students will need to comply with all internship requirements.   – 2018 participants include: The New Museum, The Frick Collection, The Brooklyn Museum, MOMA PS1, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and several others. To see a full list of positions, and on information on how to apply, please visit:

BFA Photography Adjunct Professor Graham MacIndoe Announces Upcoming Exhibition at Contemporary Arts Center

BFA Photography Adjunct Professor Graham MacIndoe has recently announced that he will have an upcoming exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center located in Cincinnati Ohio. The Exhibition centers on MacIndoe’s photographs of the band The National and their evolving career from 2002 onward. You can read the announcement from the Contemporary Arts Center here.

The exhibition will run April 27 through May 27, 2018.

Cover for Sleep Well Beast

Contact Sheet, 2003

Irving Plaza, NYC 1/28/18

Sleep Well Beat Album Launch – Bowery Ballroom 9/28/17


Photo Faculty Member Thomas Werner Speaking on Fashion and Culture at Bloomsbury Publishing, London

Photography Program faculty member Thomas Werner was invited to give a presentation on Fashion and Culture to the editors and staff at Bloomsbury Publishing in London during spring break. Bloomsbury released Thomas’ first book The Fashion Image in January of this year.

This was one of a series of book talks Thomas has given since the early February launch at Parsons. Additional talks have been given in New York, Boston, and San Diego over the past month, with upcoming talks in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Paris, and Philadelphia scheduled.

Aperture: ‘Picturing Addiction’ Featuring Part Time BFA Faculty Member Graham MacIndoe

Picturing Addiction

Thursday, April 19

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The New School, Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnhold Hall

55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor, Room I-202, New York, NY


“Picturing Addiction” is a part of the Confounding Expectations lecture series, which is presented by Aperture Foundation, and the Photography Program of Parsons School of Design at The New School.

As the current opioid crisis continues to make national headlines, this panel brings together three photographers who are finding new ways of depicting addiction: Nina Berman‘s decades-long project looking at the trauma of addiction and the healing potential of collaborative art; Edwin J. Torres’s photographs that show the effects of synthetic marijuana in his own community; and Graham MacIndoe‘s nuanced yet powerful series of self-portraits and environments taken during the years he was addicted to heroin and crack. At a moment when 21 million Americans struggle with addiction, photography now plays a key role in shaping our understanding of this crisis. Moderated by Paul Moakley, deputy photo editor of Time, this panel offers ways in which we can further the conversation beyond what we already know—that America is dealing with its worst addiction epidemic yet.

Participating panelists include Nina BermanGraham MacIndoe, and Edwin J. Torres.

This program is supported in part, by the Grace Jones Richardson Trust and William Talbott Hillman Foundation, and by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State legislature, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and with additional support from generous individuals, including the Board of Trustees and Members of Aperture Foundation.

Aperture / Parsons Artist Talk: Sable Elyse Smith | 3/27, 7PM

Aperture Foundation, in collaboration with the Photography Program at Parsons School of Design, of The New School, is pleased to present an artist talk with Sable Elyse Smith. Smith, known for her work across photography, video, poetry, and performance, calls attention to the personal consequences of mass incarceration in the United States, and how these confining structures in society invisibly shape our minds and direct our bodies.

Tuesday, March 27

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Aperture Gallery : 547 West 27th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001



The deadline for submission has been extended for the open call for Princeton University’s new Undergraduate Journal of Art.
The Princeton University Undergraduate Journal of Art: Kunstkammer looks to provide a platform for undergraduate work on art history, art criticism, and visual arts.

This is an open call for submissions of art history papers, art criticism essays, and visual art. For more information please check out our guidelines: Please send in all relevant documents by Monday, February 19th, 2018 at 5PM EST.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

BFA Photography Faculty Graham MacIndoe Featured in Artsy

BFA Photography Faculty Graham MacIndoe is featured in the new article on Artsy As Opioid Epidemic Worsens, Photographers Are Finding New Ways to Capture Addiction. The article discusses opioid addiction and how photography documents addiction. MacIndoe is featured amongst photographers such as Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, you can read the article here.

Tribeca Film Institute Accepting Film Applications for “Our City, My Story” by 2/18

The Tribeca Film Institute is looking for students to submit their short films to an exciting screening event entitled Our City, My Story. During the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, Our City, My Story premieres the most outstanding short films, that capture the fabric of New York City, as told through the perspective of young filmmakers 21 and under. Share your story with us. Share it with the world.

New York City  – bold characters, dramatic settings, and tender moments that connect people.

There is no application fee, and the deadline is February 18, 2018.


Parsons Photography Scholarship 2018 | Deadline 5/11

At the end of the Spring semester, the Photography Program awards scholarships to selected BFA and MFA Photography students. Scholarships are awarded per year level  (1st and 2nd year MFAs, rising Seniors, rising Juniors, and rising Sophomores). Non-majors and Photo Minors are not eligible for consideration. Submissions will be judged by a jury of full-time faculty. No late submissions will be considered.


FRIDAY, MAY 11 at midnight. Winners will be announced after May 30.

Submission guidelines can be found here

If you have any questions, please feel free to email;


New School Health and Wellness ‘Body Positivity Series’ Call for Entries

Wellness and Health Promotion’s Body Positive collective is hosting the annual Body Positive Art exhibit later this month. See attached call for submissions for details.  The exhibit is open to students, staff, faculty and alumni and the range and type of work accepted is wide.
There is a $100 & $50 prize for the best student work received. 


Duggal Visual Solutions, a leading supplier of photographic services, printing, digital imaging, multimedia, wide format graphics and graphics display services, is hosting its annual “Capture the Moment” photography contest.

Duggal is inviting photo students, pros and enthusiasts alike to submit for consideration, a photo of one captured moment. Your image should communicate a unique record of one moment of inspiration. The story your image tells may be abstract, concrete, internal or external – it’s up to you. 

There is no entry fee and winning images will be promoted to a large group of people who subscribe to our newsletters and blog.

For more information click the link below:

The Fashion Image: A Conversation with Mario Sorrenti 

The Fashion Image: A Conversation with Mario Sorrenti
Moderated by Thomas Werner

Mario Sorrenti legendary fashion photographer will be joining Thomas Werner to discuss his career, creativity, and the changing business of fashion, publishing, and photography.
Date: February 1st, 2018

Location: The Tishman Auditorium at The New School, 63 Fifth Avenue, New York

Event begins at: 7:00pm

The evening will be the formal launch of Thomas’ new book The Fashion Image, by Bloomsbury Publishing, London. Available on

Books will be available for purchase and signing following the talk

If you are in the city, please join us! To attend register on Event Brite:

You must be 18 or older to attend. ID required


ISO Magazine Seeking New School Student Photo Submissions

Vida Lercari and Alex Trippe, head editors of the NYU Tisch student-run annual photography and creative writing publication ISO Magazine, are currently seeking submissions from students at the New School for their 15th issue; the title and theme of which is Community. This theme is based around exploring the different kinds of communities that we see and interact with on a daily basis. Who do we find kinship with, and who do we feel distant from? Can a community be more than a group of people? Can it be an environment, or even a feeling?
If you are interested in submitting work that is relevant to the theme, please email Vida and Alex your files (can be 5-12 single images or a body of work) at 300 dpi to along with an artist statement.
The deadline to submit is February 15th

Call for Entries: Curatorial Prize at Blue Sky Gallery

Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, OR is seeking proposals for a Curatorial Prize for a one-month long photography exhibition in May 2018.

“Founded in 1975, Blue Sky’s mission is to educate the public about photography through exhibitions, publications, and dialogue; and to further the careers and artistic development of the artists shown. Our main programming focuses on an ambitious exhibition schedule of 22 -24 photography shows each year in Blue Sky’s two galleries. Exhibitions represent a wide variety of work from local, national, and international photographers.

Our newly established Curatorial Prize provides an opportunity for curators to present an exhibition of photo-based work, along with related programming and publications at one of the nation’s most highly regarded photography galleries. The program seeks exhibitions of 2- 5 artists who use photography in traditional or experimental ways. Video/film are welcome.

Blue Sky Gallery’s ambitious exhibition schedule does naturally limit the extent of work possible (we only have 1 -2 days for installation and 1 day for de-install). Within those parameters, we commonly hang shows of approximately 20 – 30 images, generally either framed or hung with magnets. If your work is installation based, or is otherwise rigorous to install, please be sure to directly address a manageable approach to installation/de-installation within our fast-paced schedule.”

Financial Considerations

Curatorial stipend is $750. An additional total pool of up to $4,000 for artist stipends, travel/housing (artists and curator), honorariums for writing, printing, and shipping will be available. Blue Sky will work with selected curator to establish budget for programs and publications. Blue Sky can provide black frames for photography at no cost if the photos are of a standard size. Other alternates to framing include magnets or mirror clips.


Proposals are due to Blue Sky Gallery by December 8, 2017. Please submit to, and be sure to put the phrase “CURATORIAL PRIZE” in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed and a curator chosen by Blue Sky’s staff and Exhibition Committee. Applications should include the following documents merged into a single PDF:

  1. Curatorial statement and vision for the Curatorial Prize, including estimated costs.
  2. Professional resume/CV, including a link to your website if applicable.
  3. Examples of past curatorial work, including images and critical reviews.
  4. Samples of work the artists you have chosen for your exhibition (and/or links to the websites of the work selected).
  5. A writing sample of previous curatorial statements or published writing.


For questions, please email Please note that Blue Sky is unable to give feedback on your application or the application process.

You can read more here!



Ilford Student Competition 2017

From Alt-Rock to Old School Pop and Reggae to Rhythm and Blues.Take a song lyric and turn it into an image that inspires that viewer as much as the music iitself.

Take a song lyric and turn it into an image that inspires that viewer as much as the music itself.


Photograph using ILFORD PHOTO or Kentmere black and white film and print the image yourself in the darkroom on either ILFORD PHOTO or Kentmere traditional black and white photographic papers.


You can submit here

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Imaging Specialist II Position Available

Do you excel in an environment that values exploration and discovery? We have a universe of opportunities waiting for you!

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is NASA’s lead center for robotic exploration of the solar system. Our core competency is the end-to-end implementation of unprecedented robotic space missions to study Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe.

JPL, located in Pasadena, California, has a casual, campus-like environment situated on 177 acres in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and offers a work environment unlike any other: we inspire passion, foster innovation, build collaboration, and reward excellence.

We are proud to be part of NASA and Caltech, as we explore the universe and make history through new discoveries.

For more information on this position with NASA visit here.

International Center of Photography TA Openings

The International Center of Photography is looking for a Teaching Assistants to join them in Community Programs! ICP have several openings in their Community Partnership with the High School of Fashion Industries that they are looking to fill, so please email Carly Goldman ( directly with your resume if you’re interested. These are black-and-white darkroom classes for teens, taking place at the high school (225 West 24th St) in Chelsea.

Community Partnership with the High School of Fashion Industries 2017-18


  • Photo I in Black-and-White: Me and My Community

Nov 28 – Mar 27 | Tues 4–6:30pm | Curtis Willocks


  • Photo II in Black-and-White: Inspiration

Nov 39 – Mar 28 | Weds 4–6:30pm | Jaime Schlesinger

Should you be interested in TA-ing but these dates don’t work for you, please feel free to reach out to Carly as well, as we’ll have several other programs starting up in January.

Aperture / Parsons Artist Talk: Sam Contis | 11/7, 7PM

Image: Sam Contis, Deep Springs (2017). Courtesy of the artist and MACK.


Aperture Foundation, in collaboration with the Photography Program at Parsons School of Design of The New School, is pleased to present an artist talk with Sam Contis. Contis is a California-based artist whose first book, Deep Springs, was published in May 2017. In Deep Springs, Contis uses photography as a tool to understand the landscape of the American West in both its physical manifestation and in its mythic connotations. Responding to canonical classic photographs of the American West, such as those of Carleton Watkins and Timothy H. O’Sullivan, Contis began photographing her own version of the West through the lens of Deep Springs College, a tiny all-male school in Deep Springs Valley, near the California-Nevada border. Founded in 1917, Deep Springs is an unusual school in that it encourages physical labor as well as intellectual curiosity—students study philosophy and literature, but are also instrumental in the running of the school’s cattle ranch and alfalfa farm. Contis became closely connected to the community of young men at Deep Springs, making intimate photographs that test our expectations about the way the American West is often represented and gendered. Contis’s young cowboys are gentler and more affectionate than the Marlboro Man or John Wayne; they seem to become part of the very soil of Deep Springs, forging a oneness with the historically feminized earth. Ultimately, Contis’s project focuses on age-old photographic questions about representation, identity, and performance. The images expand our visual vocabulary about masculinity and the way we relate both to one another and to our landscapes. Contis states of the American West: “It’s always been thought of as a place where one can try on new identities, reinvent or rediscover oneself. And photography has always been used as a tool to construct new ideas about place and self, especially in the west. In that way, the work is about photography’s own role in the process of coming to understand ourselves and our environment.”


Sam Contis lives and works in California. Her work has been shown internationally with recent exhibitions in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Antwerp, and London, and solo shows at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, California, and Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York. She is a recipient of the 2017 Nancy Graves Foundation Artist Grant, 2016 Aaron Siskind Foundation fellowship, and the Tierney Fellowship. Contis’s work is represented in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Yale University Art Gallery. Deep Springs, her first book, was published by MACK earlier this year, and has been shortlisted for the 2017 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook award. In 2018, her work will be on view in Being: New Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Image: Sam Contis, Deep Springs (2017). Courtesy of the artist and MACK.

Free for students with ID.

Special Events for Alumni/Students of Color: 10/21 Community Brunch, 10/26 Portfolio Review, 10/27 Exhibition Closing Reception

(under)REPRESENT(ed) Community Brunch
Saturday, October 21 from 11am-2pm
6 East 16th Street, Wolff Conference Room 1103

Alumni of color and Students of color are invited to break bread, reflect and strategize around experiences of race and identity at Parsons and within creative industries.

Please RSVP:

Fb event:
(under)REPRESENT(ed) Portfolio Reviews
Thursday, October 26 from 6-8pm
Starr Foundation Hall- 63 Fifth Ave (UC), Lower level
Students of color are invited to receive critical feedback on work that addresses race and identity from alumni of color.
(under)REPRESENT(ed) Closing
Friday, October 27 at 6 PM – 8 PM
66 Fifth Avenue, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries
Exhibiting alumni reflect on their work. Open to the public.
For more information, visit: or email us at

(under)REPRESENT(ed) to Open at Sheila C. Design Center

October 17, 6-8 PM

Sheila C. Design Center, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries

66 5th Ave, Ground Floor

New York, NY 10003

Closing reception with artist talk: October 27th, 6-8pm

(under)REPRESENT(ed) is an exhibition that features Parsons School of Design alumni of color whose creative practices explore the lived experience of race and aim to dismantle systems of racism.  Initiated and organized by a collective of alumni of color, this exhibition features a range of disciplines which simultaneously address and resist the systemic exclusion that prevails in educational and professional institutions and practices.

A video from a digital and physical archive that affirms the future of people of African descent; a design research project lessens the impact of hurricane season on one alum’s hometown in the Dominican Republic; a children’s book fable reveals an allegory of the dangerous journey migrants often face to enter the United States; an online syllabus resource explores the intersections of fashion and race; photographs reflect on the historic status symbol and power of hair in Korean culture, which resonates in communities across the globe; and a multimedia project promotes citizen journalism and challenges the normalization of police violence.

“We are moved by an urgency to foreground the power generated by creative practices,” said the curators of the exhibition.  “Our own experience as students, practicing artists, designers, educators and cultural organizers tells us that this work isn’t always given its due criticism or celebration in the classroom and other institutional spaces.”

People of color have been pioneers in fields of art and design, although they  continue to be significantly underrepresented in positions of power and compensation.  Despite the rich foundational contributions by Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous communities to these industries,  they are often rendered invisible.  The curators of this exhibition stake a claim for the centrality of those most deeply impacted by these oppressive frameworks in an era which challenges our existing tools of resistance.

The Parsons alumni featured in the exhibition are (AMT Alums in bold):

Salome Asega, MFA Design and Technology ’14 
Rikki Byrd, MA Fashion Studies ’16
Raquel de Anda, MS Design and Urban Ecologies ’15
Nelson de Jesus Ubri, BFA Architectural Design ’15
Patricia Encarnación, BFA Communication Design ’14 
Noelle Flores Théard, MFA Photography ’14 
Scherezade Garcia, BFA Illustration ’90 
Alston Green, CGRD Illustration ’72 
Kim Jenkins, MA Fashion Studies ’13
Leslie Jimenez, BFA Fine Arts ’12 
Sara Jimenez, MFA Fine Arts ’13 
Yuni Kim Lang, BFA Communication Design ’09 
Jeana Lindo, BFA Photography ’17 
Joy McKinney, MFA Photography ’14 
Joiri Minaya, BFA Fine Arts ’13 
Ron Morrison, MS Design and Urban Ecologies ’15
Inyegumena Nosegbe, BFA Communication Design ’16 
Ayodamola Okunseinde, MFA Design and Technology ’15 
Isaac Paris, BFA Communication Design ’78 
Kaitlynn Redell, MFA Fine Arts ’13 
Jeff Staple, Illustration 
Ken Tanabe, MFA Design and Technology ’04 
James Terrell, MFA Painting ’02 
Duncan Tonatiuh, BFA Integrated Design Curriculum ’08, BA Liberal Arts ’08
Robert Liu-Trujillo, BFA Illustration ’10 
Christopher Udemezue, BFA Integrated Design Curriculum ’08

Organized by a collective of Parsons Alumni of Color

Havanna Fisher, BFA Fashion Design ’14, BA The Arts ’14 
Scherezade García, BFA Illustration ’90 
Joelle Riffle, BFA Communication Design ’13 
Yelaine Rodríguez, BFA Fashion Design ’13
Sable Elyse Smith, MFA Design and Technology ’13 
Nadia Williams, BFA Fashion Design ’01 
(under)REPRESENT(ed) equity + social justice advisor: Gail Drakes
(under)REPRESENT(ed) research assistant: Claudine Brantley, BFA Candidate of Photography ’18
(under)REPRESENT(ed) research assistant: Barbara Byrd, BFA Fine Arts ’17

Contact us at

The exhibition will run from October 14, when an opening reception for Parsons alumni will be held, until October 29.

More info here.

Parsons Photography Alumni Jeana Lindo (BFA), Noelle Flores Theard (MFA), and Joy Mckinney (MFA) Exhibiting Work in (under)REPRESENT(ed) Exhibition

Parsons Photography Alumni Jeana Lindo (BFA), Noelle Flores Theard (MFA), and Joy Mckinney (MFA) will be exhibiting work in the upcoming (under)REPRESENT(ed) Exhibition which is an exhibition that features Parsons alumni of color whose creative practices explore the lived experience of race and aim to dismantle systems of racism. The exhibition opens to the public on October 17, 2017 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. You can read more on the exhibition and RSVP here.

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries
66 Fifth Ave
Parsons School of Design

Kari Bjorn Announced as Finalist for Hasselblad Masters 2018

BFA Photography Senior Kari Bjorn, has recently been announced as a finalist in the ‘Street/Urban’ category for Hasselblad Masters 2018. The images that Bjorn submitted are from his series entitled “Synergy”. Below is the project statement along with images from the Synergy Series. You can also vote for Kari here

Synergy is a series of photographs that extracts fragments from everyday banal life and utilizes photographs power to create an alternative meaning. By framing fixed information on the street with unaware pedestrians it creates a somewhat humorous and open ended one-liners that only serves the purpose of bringing out the heh’s and huh’s in the viewer.

The photographs violently exploit and manipulate its subjects and place them in stories they quite possibly never wanted to be a part of. However, the viewer does not only react to the subject but the core of each photograph is found in the split-second juxtaposition of the two, “the fixed and the living.”

Studio Sublet Available in Bushwick

Below is a listing for a studio available for subletting
My name is Luma Jasim, I am a visual artist. I am subletting half of my studio for short or long term.
It’s a renovated studio, $50 off the first month!!!
$450 _ All utilities included, there are wifi and AC/heat. 
250sf with wooden floor.
Great location in Bushwick, The Active Space, three minutes to the L – Jefferson station.
 Please contact me if you interested!

Photography Faculty Thomas Werner and Parsons Alumni in “The Threads That Bind”

Parsons School for Design Photography Program alumni Fan Chen, Therese Ohrvall, Jessica Richmond, Media Studies alumni Diana Khong, and Communication Design student Whitney Badge comprise the exhibition The Threads That Bind, on view through October 22nd in the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg Poterna Exhibition Hall. The exhibition was curated by Photography faculty member Thomas Werner.


The work for the exhibition was created during a 10 day grant funded visit to Saint Petersburg to create work focusing on seven local museums.


Confounding Expectations: Elements of Style | Oct. 24

Nadine Ijewere, Victoria’s pearl earring, 2017

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2017 AT 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
The Auditorium, Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Hall
66 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011

The Aperture “Elements of Style” panel is part of the Confounding Expectations lecture series, which is sponsored by Aperture Foundation, the Vera List Center at The New School, and the Photography Program of Parsons School of Design at The New School.

This conversation will focus on identity, style, and dress―the codes and politics of self-presentation. Panelists will discuss connections between self-portraiture and self-styling, decolonizing the fashion image, and the role of the queer archive in the fashion industry. The conversation will be moderated by historian and author Tanisha C. Ford.

Participating panelists include Collier Shorr, Nadine Ijewere, and Ethan James Green.


ICP Community Programs Fall TA Opportunities



ICP at THE POINT (note: classes are held in the Bronx)

Contact Carly Goldman at


  • Photography I in Black-and-White for Preteens

Oct 2 – Dec 11 | Mon 4 – 7pm | Ifétayo Abdus-Salam (1 needed)

Oct 3 – Dec 12 | Tue 4 – 7pm | Meryl Feigenberg (2 needed)


  • Photography I in Black-and-White for Teens

Oct 4 – Dec 13 | Wed 4 – 7pm | Chantal Heijnen (2 needed)

Oct 5 – Dec 14 | Thu 4 – 7pm | Carla Liesching (3 needed)


Teen Academy (note: classes are held at the ICP School in midtown)

Contact Ariana Allensworth at


  • Photography I in Black-and-White: Camera and Darkroom

Oct 7 – Dec  16 | Sat 11am – 2pm | Pablo Lerma (1 needed)


  • Photography I in Color: Color Film and Darkroom

Oct 7 – Dec  16 | Sat 2 – 5pm | Liz Sales (1 needed)


  •      Photography II in Black-and-White: The Self-Published Artist

Oct 8 – Dec  18 | Sun 3 – 6pm | Marisa Sottos (1 needed)


  • Teen Academy Imagemakers:  

Sept 25, 2017 – June 11, 2018 | Mon 4 – 6:30pm | Jaime Schlesinger (2 needed)

Sept 27, 2017 – June 13, 2018 | Wed 4 – 6:30pm | Lesly Deschler Canossi (1 needed)


Imagemakers is a year-long program for high school juniors and seniors looking to pursue photography in college and/or as a career. TAs must be able to commit for the full academic school year.


  •    Teen Foto Friday

Oct 13 – Dec  15 | Fri 3:30 – 8pm (2 needed)


Teen Foto Fridays invites students from across ICP Community Programs to participate in free open labs and technical review of topics learned during class ranging from camera care, to film processing, to darkroom printing techniques – all of which are entirely optional, and not required for class completion.


*For all Teen Academy darkroom classes, additional field trip days will be announced.


Photo Requests from Solitary Exhibition @ Photoville

Parsons Photo Faculty Jeanine Oleson’s ongoing art and activism project “Photo Requests from Solitary” will be exhibiting work at Photoville this year. The project is a continuation of work supported by Parsons School of Design.

“Photo Requests from Solitary” invites men and women held in long-term solitary confinement to request a photograph of anything at all, real or imagined, and finds artists to make the images. The resulting photographs provide an archive of the hopes, memories, and interests of people who endure extreme isolation and sensory deprivation.

Instead of describing or replicating the bleak conditions in which these individuals live, “Photo Requests from Solitary” presents what they envision—the vivid and varied thoughts/objects/images that all minds produce, independently of senses and circumstances. Rather than implying that images are ‘missing’ from their lives and need to be provided from the outside, the project affirms that images are already there, part of their total world. People in solitary give us their images, and we give them back as photographs, in an artistic partnership that acknowledges our shared creativity and humanity.

The photographs on display at Photoville were taken for people in solitary confinement in New York who spend 22 to 24 hours a day in small cells without meaningful human contact, in conditions that the UN has defined as torture. More than 4,500 individuals are currently held in some form of isolation in New York’s prisons and jails, and some will remain there for months, years, or decades.

For more information about this exhibition, visit



“Photo Requests from Solitary” is an ongoing artistic collaboration between people held in solitary confinement and photographers on the outside. The project was started in Illinois in 2009 by the grassroots anti-solitary group, Tamms Year Ten. Photos requested by men held in permanent solitary confinement in Tamms supermax prison were sent to the men inside, and also used for advocacy in efforts to close Tamms, which was finally shuttered in 2013.

That same year, “Photo Requests from Solitary” expanded to California and New York, in collaboration with Solitary Watch — a watchdog group that investigates, documents, and disseminates information about solitary confinement in U.S. prisons and jails — and Parsons The New School for Design. To date, more than 100 men and women in solitary have shared their visions and received photographs.

Continuing its mission to partner with local advocacy campaigns, “Photo Requests from Solitary” is currently working with the New York Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement, a grassroots coalition dedicated to ending the torture of solitary in New York’s prisons and jails through public education, community organizing, and passage of the Humane Alternatives to Long-Term (HALT) Solitary Confinement Act in the state legislature.

“Photo Requests from Solitary” is curated by artists Laurie Jo Reynolds (Tamms Year Ten), Jeanine Oleson (Parsons The New School for Design) and journalist Jean Casella (Solitary Watch), and is created by dozens of men and women in solitary confinement and volunteer photographers on the outside.

Magnum Foundation Opportunities

Current opportunities at the Magnum Foundation



Reports to Executive Director
$45,000/year with benefits

The Operations Coordinator oversees the smooth functioning of the Magnum Foundation systems and supports the work of the Executive Director. The position requires strong communication skills and a high level of organization and attention to detail. All members of the Magnum Foundation team share a collaborative, self-motivated approach and a commitment to the values and mission of the Magnum Foundation. The Magnum Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values workplace diversity.

To apply, please send your resume/CV and cover letter as one file to with the subject line: operations coordinator. Applications will be accepted through September 15, 2017.

Required qualifications:

  • Minimum three years’ experience in nonprofit or arts management
  • Facility with budget management and accounting systems
  • Familiarity with contact management and project management programs
  • Interest in photography, the arts, human rights, and social justice

Principle duties:

  • Office management, including ordering and organizing supplies, arranging and maintaining services, liaising with building, and organizing and maintaining the physical office environment
  • Coordination with bookkeeper
  • Coordination and oversight of annual audit
  • Management of payroll, benefits, and insurance
  • Development of annual budgets with the Executive Director
  • Expense tracking
  • Assist the Executive Director with communications, scheduling, meetings, and research
  • Recruit and manage volunteers
  • Coordinate board meetings, donor group meetings, and related communications
  • Supporting programs and development projects as needed
  • Other tasks and projects as assigned


Magnum Foundation partners with schools and other institutions that provide funding and/or academic credit to interns. If you are enrolled in a program that offers college credit and/or a stipend, you are welcome to apply for internships in any of our listed departments. All interns will have access to a range of enrichment activities, including visits to relevant cultural and industry events around New York City, opportunities to share personal work and receive critical feedback from the team, and the chance to pitch and curate film screenings hosted at the office.

Applications are received on a rolling basis.
Please send a resume/CV and a cover letter with the internship name as the subject line, ie. “programs intern,” “development intern,” or “communications intern” to Alexis Lambrou at, stating which internship you’re applying for, the nature of your institutional support, your availability, and why you are interested in interning at the Magnum Foundation. Please note that Interns must make a minimum commitment of 16 hours per week for the duration of their internship.

Career Services: Freelancing Series

Intellectual Property Workshop

How do you protect your ideas from getting stolen? Is it risky to post work online or share it in interviews? Who owns the work you do at internships? Parsons Professor Michelle Bogre will go over the basics of intellectual property so that you can learn how to protect your work.

Thurday, 10/5 3-4pm @ UC, 63 Fifth Ave, UL105 (lower level) – RSVP Here

Protecting NYC’s Freelance Workers

If you work freelance in NYC, you have legal rights and a dedicated City resource for workplace questions and complaints – learn about your rights and available resources.

Wednesday, 10/253-4pm @ UC, 63 Fifth Ave, UL105 (lower level) – RSVP Here

Portfolio 101

Learn how to put together an eye-catching portfolio that showcases your talent.

Wednesday, 11/13-4pm @ UC, 63 Fifth Ave, UL105 (lower level) – RSVP Here

Poured Demo

Learn more about Poured, an on-demand hiring platform where talented individuals can work for their favorite fashion brands anytime at any rate they choose.

Wednesday, 11/83-4pm @ 2 W 13 St, Bark Room – RSVP Here

Binkable Demo

Learn more about Binkable, a platform that enables creative talent to connect and work with agencies, brands, startups and enterprise companies while ensuring payment for all work.

Wednesday, 11/153-4pm @ 2 W 13 St, Bark Room – RSVP Here

Magali Duzant (MFA Photography Alumni ’14) Seeking Photo Intern

MFA Photography Alumni Magali Duzant is seeking a photography intern for her studio in Bushwick. Compensation for internship is small stipend and credit; looking for help with some basic editing, archiving, research, and admin work for upcoming exhibits and commissions. If interested email

Artist Talk: Daniel Gordon

Tuesday, October 10

6:30 pm

Aperture Gallery and Bookstore547 West 27th Street, 4th FloorNew York, NY


This event is free for students with ID and Aperture Members.

Aperture Foundation, in collaboration with the Photography Program at Parsons School of Design, of The New School, is pleased to present an artist talk with Daniel Gordon. Gordon is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist who uses collage, sculpture, and photography to create fantastical portraits, nudes, and still lifes. Critics have drawn parallels between Gordon’s work and the paintings of artists such as Matisse and Cézanne, yet Gordon relies on the camera to ground his art. Photography transforms Gordon’s often fragile and ephemeral tableaux into works with solidity and permanence. Gordon has remarked that in his early work he was preoccupied with creating images that looked real, but he has since become less interested in mimicking reality. As something of a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein, Gordon revels in fragmentation and fracturing, the crumpling of paper and manipulation of colors; he draws attention to the fact that Photoshop is very much a part of his process. However, Gordon will never altogether cede his work to the computer, he explains: “Without seams and faults and limitations my project would be very different. The seamlessness of the ether is boring to me, but the materialization of that ether, I think, can be very interesting.”

Daniel Gordon (b. 1980, Boston; raised in San Francisco) earned a BA from Bard College in 2004, and an MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2006. His notable group exhibitions include New Photography 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Greater New York 2010 at MoMA PS1. His work will be included in upcoming exhibitions at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Boca Raton Museum of Art in Florida. He is the author of Still Lifes, Portraits, and Parts (2013), Flowers and Shadows (2011), and Flying Pictures (2009). He is the winner of the 2014 Foam Paul Huf Award, and exhibited his work in a solo exhibition at the Foam museum in 2014. Gordon is represented by James Fuentes in New York City and had his first exhibition with the gallery, titled New Canvas, in February 2017. He is the co-director of Downstairs Projects in Brooklyn, where he lives and works.

“Fact & Fiction” 2017 Team America BFA Photo and Media Studies Alumni with Thomas Werner

Photography Faculty Thomas Werner with BFA Photo Alumni Fan Chen, Therese Ohrvall, Jessica Richmond, and MFA Media Studies alumni Diana Khong.

On the celebratory boat ride after wrapping up 10 days of work with 7 museums in Saint Petersburg, Russia for “Fact & Fiction”, the 2017 Contemporary Art in Traditional Museums exhibition. The team from America is Fan Chen, Diana Khong, Tessi Öhrvall,  Jess Richmond and Thomas Werner. Also pictured is our indispensable colleague and guide Anastasia Rozhkova. Travel and production were grant funded in their entirety by BFA Photography  faculty member Thomas Werner. The exhibition will open in late September at the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, Poterna Exhibition Hall.


Lizzy Oppenheimer and Mark Lim Launching Print of Nicotine Magazine

BFA Alumni Lizzy Oppenheimer and Mark Lim are launching the print version of their fashion magazine Nicotine. You can read the press release below.

Design Works International Seeking Fall Intern

Design Works International is seeking a Fall Intern for information and to apply, please read below.

Paid Fall Photo Editing Internship at TOPIC

TOPIC is looking for a talented, motivated photo intern to assist with editing, research, and other visual responsibilities. The internship will involve background image and story research; securing licensing for archival photography, video, and audio; artist portfolio discovery and research; organizing contracts and documents; brainstorming concepts and ideas for visual storytelling; and collaborating with designers, editors, and the social media team. This is an editorial position, not a photographer position. The intern will work on a variety of projects depending on the publishing schedule and the stories assigned.

Background & Qualifications:

  • A strong visual aesthetic
  • Recent graduate or current student preferred
  • Passion for photography, art, and new media
  • Thorough researching skills
  • An interest in creative storytelling and a desire for discovery
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to handle multiple projects within a tight deadline
  • Fluent in Photoshop
  • Knowledge of WordPress or other CMS


Topic is the ambitious new storytelling brand and entertainment studio from First Look Media, dedicated to supporting creators at the forefront of culture. From Academy Award®-winning films (Spotlight) to television, audio and digital, we explore a wide range of subject matter, both fiction and nonfiction with an emphasis on stories of consequence that explore the issues of our time. Our approach – challenging, compelling and unconventional – reflects our commitment to discovering and amplifying independent new voices, and supporting established ones.

To apply visit here

OPPORTUNITY: BFA Photo Social Media Assistant (FWS)

PT Social Media Assistant, Parsons BFA Photo — 2017/18 Federal Work Study

Job Title: Social Media Assistant, Photography

Location: 2 West 13th Street, 4th Floor (AMT Hub – 414), New York, NY

Reports To: Program Administrator, Photography

Status: Part-Time (5 hours per week)

Schedule: Flexible, during office hours: M – F, 10am – 6pm

Hourly Rate: $15 per hour


Position Overview:

The Parsons BFA Photography Program within the School of Art, Media and Technology is looking for a mature, responsible student Office Assistant with a valid Federal Work Study Award for the 2017/18 school year.  The Social Media Assistant will support the Program Administrator and Directors with conceiving, creating, and posting content to the Photography social media platforms.


The ideal candidate will be a current Photography undergraduate, self-motivated, and comfortable working independently. They will also excited about the Parsons Photo community, and motivated by the idea of creating social media content for Photo on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the program blogs. The student worker will be in charge of orchestrating student and faculty takeovers as directed.


The Social Media Assistant position is based out of the AMT Hub at 2 West 13th Street, Room 414, at a $15 hourly rate. Applicants must be available for both Fall and Spring semesters, starting in late August or early September for the Fall 2017 semester.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Program Administrator and Director to create content for Photo’s social media platforms
  • Assist the MFA Photo Student Worker with managing and updating the Program blogs.
  • Assist with program communication, such as MailChimp eblasts, social media messaging
  • Perform other administrative duties to support the AMT office as needed



  • Current BFA Photography student: preferably a rising sophomore or junior
  • Solid organizational skills, multi-tasking ability, and attention to detail
  • Capacity to work independently and be self driven
  • Must be available to work during office hours (M-F, 10am – 6pm) for Fall and Spring semesters, starting in early September 2017.
  • Must posses valid Federal Work Study Award for the 2017/18 school year


  • Previous office or social media experience
  • Knowledge of MailChimp and Google platforms


TO APPLY: Please send your resume and a brief cover letter as PDF attachments to Meg Kissel (, Photography Program Administrator with the subject “Photo Social Media Student Worker Application.”  In your cover letter, please describe your interest in the position and any relevant experience, include your Fall 2017 semester availability, and provide evidence of your 2017/18 Federal Work Study award.