Equipment Resource Center (ERC):
Room 001 (basement level)  This is the checkout center for all photography equipment and is open to students Parsons-wide. The ERC serves many programs at Parsons, and is frequently busy. Be sure to plan ahead, or expect wait times regardless of whether you are running class.

Computer Labs: 3rd Floor, Room 302 & 303

Open to photography majors and minors enrolled in photography courses only. These Mac labs are maintained by the ERC staff for the photography program, meaning they are more frequently and accurately calibrated and serviced. These are working labs only (not teaching labs), and it may be helpful to remind your students that they should be working in these labs, rather than other Parsons- or New School-wide labs.

Room 302 is an input lab, outfitted with Flextight virtual drum scanners and Epson large format flatbed scanners. Room 303 is an output lab with Epson printers, ranging from 17- to 44-inches wide. Use of these printers is free to photography students, though they must provide their own paper. The program stocks basic Epson papers for the 44-inch wide printers, and the fee for use is $5/ linear inch.

Still & Motion Capture Studio / Chiller / M001:

The Motion Capture Studio serves two university populations.

  • Photography majors

  • Anyone who has attended both orientation sessions to use the motion capture space.

It is usually introduced to sophomores in their spring semester but only as an additional private studio. The space is reserved via the regular reservation procedure for a faculty space.

Studios: 4th Floor, & 401 (A, B, C, D, E, F) Please note that in Y2 / Sophomores do not have access to the Shooting Studios of 300, 301, 304.  Sophomores can only check out the bays in 401  (A, B, C, D, E, F).  In Y3 & Y4, Juniors and Seniors can check out studios room 300, 301, 304.

Open to photography majors and minors enrolled in related photography courses only. The studios are seniority based: the 4th floor studio 401 (A, B, C, D, E, F) is available to Y2 students, and the 3rd floor studios are available to Y3, Y4, and MFA students.

Voiceover Recording Booth: Located on the 8th floor of Arnold Hall, 55 W 13th Street. The i818-Voiceover booth must be reserved for access, you must also reserve the i817 audio editing suite. This is possible through the Suite Reservation.

Darkroom: 5th Floor

Open to photography majors, minors, and Parsons students that have completed safety authorization and orientations (the latter in the spring semester only). In addition to serving as the photo programs main community hub, the darkroom area includes an analog focused equipment center, film processing area, an additional smaller darkroom, an alternative photo processes darkroom, and a print finishing area with inkjet printers.

The equipment center supplies students with film processing tanks and reels, enlarger stations, enlarger lenses, negative carriers, filters, grain focusers, and various sized easels. Students should supply their own scissors, tape, gloves, aprons, and towels.

The film processing area has one multi-faucet dedicated sink for film processing and a second sink dedicated for print washing. In class, you may use both sinks as needed (but coordinate with Hashem Eaddy to confirm). There is a resin coated paper dryer, two large fiber drying racks, and two film dryers located in this area. The main darkroom is outfitted with 14 Omega LPL 4550XLG 4×5 Variable Contrast Enlargers and a walk around sink which accommodates two complete chemistry tray set ups. The smaller darkroom is outfitted with additional enlargers  and is dedicated to open task time for students to complete assignments. Parsons uses Sprint Chemistry for film and paper. There is also a small film loading room located on this floor.

The print finishing area houses a large light table for negative viewing, a large working table with self healing matts, various sized rotatrim cutters, two dry mount presses, compressed air, flat files for print storage, and storage for roll paper. This area also houses a 44″ Piezo printing station, a 64” Epson wide format inkjet printer, a 44″ Epson wide format printer, and two 17″ Epson printers

Digital Chromogenic Printer (Digital-C) located on the 5th floor. The Digital-C printer is a resource with the ability to digitally expose and develop prints on photographic luster, glossy, metallic, translucent, and clear papers up to 30″ wide. Through a submission process students and faculty can upload images and pay for prints. TNS print points are not able to be used for this service.


Equipment and Space Checkout Policies


BFA & MFA Photo Equipment Catalog

ERC Video/Audio Equipment List

Equipment Resource Center (ERC): http://resources.parsons.edu/labs/equipment-resource-center-erc/

Please note: the catalog also notes access levels for sophomores, juniors, and seniors

ERC equipment checkout is 24 hours, and students may make reservations up to two weeks in advance. They can make reservations in person at the ERC or online at reservations.newschool.edu. If students return equipment late, they are subject to a facilities and/or equipment interruption as stated in the ERC agreement, completed by each student during the ERC orientation.

There is a separate Equipment Center (EQC) run by Information Technology (IT). The policies of the EQC are entirely different than those of the ERC. More information can be found HERE. (they do not possess any analog equipment)

Printing and Scanning

Laptop printing setup

Library printing and scanning

Fabric Plotters

Open Lab Printers

Photo Lab Printers

Photo Plotters

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