4 thoughts on “Virtual Tour of the Illustration Program

  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. Really enjoyed it since I haven’t been back since graduating in 9k3.
    It brought back a lot of memories. I love the new display cases, furniture, and design on the floor. I showed it to my kids hoping to inspire. I hope to come back to visit within the year.

  2. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! Packed in the elevator or THE STAIRS!!!! dragging something up or down, how could you leave that out. I’m from ’76 then returned and have been trying to move on to take future classes. If I clear my schedule I’ll try to get in. Nice job. At times that floor mat would have been handy, reminded me of our scrolls. I have a cast of characters in memory who were some of the coolest people ever. Hope they are doing well………………………….
    with affection,

    Margaret Walsh (Meg)

  3. Loved getting some pics of what’s happening at Parsons. Indeed, the department looks the same. I like that. Sorry to be missing the get together. I graduated Parsons after college in 1983. I’m living in Fla. now where every day is a work of art! Love to all you budding (and blooming) artists!

  4. thanks for this…graduated in 1990 & haven’t been back since. brings back lots of old memories seeing the illustration dept which hasn’t changed very much. do like the writing on the floors! p

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