New York based creative agency Thunderdog Studios, Inc.  announces! This website has been created to highlight a series of art projects by Tristan Eaton that encourage voter turn out among our fans and friends (18 – 35 year old, savvy yet sometimes lazy art and toy collectors)!

After  exciting poster projects with the Obama campaign for, we felt compelled to take it a little further and hammer the message home a little harder. The truth is, many of the registered voters out there register to vote but don’t actually show up on voting day. So they’d like to say: DON’T BE STUPID. SHOW UP AND VOTE NOV. 4TH!!!

You can go to and download Tristan’s Obama Portrait poster with key messaging per state, download the paper Ballot Box Dude toy and customize him, get free downloads and read up on important voting information. The site will be updated every couple of days with new pics, events and products.

Also on the site: Custom Ballot Box toys by FILTH & BLOKT of Thunderdog Studios, Inc., the Obama Bike, videos, wallpapers, facebook, myspace and more…Enjoy!