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Viktor Koen at NY Comic-Con


Parsons Illustration Adjunct Faculty Viktor Koen‘s TOYPHABET prints have been exhibited extensively as part of the series Dark Peculiar Toys, around the world, including Berlin, Athens and Beijing. This illustrated typeface is included in numerous books about typography, digital art and fantasy and has been featured in a full length article by Steven Heller in the prestigious Baseline magazine.

This is the first time the letters have been available in book form, featuring texts by author and long time collaborator Jeffrey Lee Simons.

TOYPHABET is a limited edition book made specially for the 2OO9 New York Comic Con and is carried exclusively by Baby Tattoo Books at booth#1622 this weekend at NY Comic-con.

Keep up the great work, Viktor!

Viktor Koen at Comicon this weekend

Baby Tattoo Books is proud to present an exclusive book signing
with award winning artist Viktor Koen at NYC Comicon 2008.
Saturday, April 19, 1-2pm, booth# 1851, Jacob Javits Center.

“When they caused the great cataclysm, the Forces of Dread metamorphosed. From each other’s heads they sprang forth in all their glorious deformity, terrorizing all.” So relates Plug, the narrator of this tale, which is neither graphic novel nor science fiction, but a disturbing, strangely familiar, and unusually evocative portrayal of a future “Landscape” that looks eerily like a dystopian conclusion to the evolving twenty-first century.

At the tender age of 4, Plug is already an international celebrity. Since making his debut at the Vavel Comic Book Festival in Athens, this Koen brainchild has been the subject of profiles in Communication Arts and the Los Angeles Times, and has received numerous accolades, including the coveted Photosynkyria Award in Greece, induction into the Digital Hall of Fame and a series of skateboards and snowboards for Fun4U in Europe. His book, authored by Melanie Wallace – Plug in the Guest for Mug – is presented for the first time in the US as part of the Baby Tattoo Books arsenal in NYC Comicon 2008.

Viktor Koen holds a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem, Israel and an MFA with honors from the School of Visual Arts. Mr. Koen serves on the faculty of Parsons School of Design and the MFA program at SVA. His images are regularly published in The NYTimes, Time, Newsweek and Esquire. His client list includes Penguin, Random House, Doubleday, Harper Collins, Rizzoli, Houghton Miflin, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Wired, Sports Illustrated, Man’s Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Money, Forbes, Nation, Mother Jones, BusinessWeek. His award winning prints are exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Make sure to stop by and see Viktor if you’re at Comicon this weekend!

The Illustration Holiday Shopping List: The Finale

Here it is, the last installment of the Illustration Holiday Shopping List. Make sure to check the other three episodes in the series!

art out of time

Illustration Faculty Dan Nadel completed his huge compendium work–Art Out of Time–during his time here at Parsons, and it’s a doozy. From the official write-up about the book:

Art Out of Time reprints complete comic book and comic strip stories, most of which are being reprinted here for the first time since their initial publication. Among the artists included are Rory Hayes, Gene Deitch, Dick Briefer, Boody Rogers, and Charles Forbell. In five thematic sections, this anthology is a counter-history of comics, containing nearly thirty often-unknown visionary American cartoonists from 1900 to 1969. These artists foreshadowed and influenced the innovations within the comics medium of today.

You can find copies of Dan’s book (as well as a plethora of other books, shirts, prints, etc.) at PictureBox, his publishing outfit.

blab 18

As previously reported, Illustration Chair Steven Guarnaccia and Illustration Faculty Nora Krug are featured in the latest issue of Blab! Magazine, compiled by Monte Beauchamp. Blab! is an annual collection of some of the finest and most exciting visual work out there today. Steven’s piece focuses on miniature golf, while Nora focuses on a more serious subject: No Man’s Land.

Get your copy from Fantagraphics!

teaching illustration

A plethora of Illustration Faculty members are included in Steve Heller and Marshall Arisman‘s great resource book: Teaching Illustration. The book includes syllabi from an array of Illustration courses and describes different teaching techniques that can be utilized to really help create more productive classes. From the official description of the book:

Teaching Illustration is a must-have for any college-level art instructor. Packed with a wealth of illustration course syllabi from leading art and design schools across the U.S. and Europe, it offers exciting ideas on topics from editorial illustration to animation, books, and the Internet. Each syllabus includes an introduction, course requirements, a weekly breakdown, suggestions for projects, and selected readings–a comprehensive array of topics, reading lists, and teaching tips for courses at all levels. For beginning educators seeking guidance or for veterans seeking new inspiration, Teaching Illustration is essential for the craft of teaching the next generation of illustrators.

Illustration Faculty members Viktor Koen, Trey Hoyumpa (also an Illustration alumna!), Neil Swaab, Nora Krug, and Dan Nadel all have featured syllabi! This is a great book for instructors, students, and anyone interested in learning/teaching more effectively. You can purchase the book here!

bossy bearugly target

Illustration Alumni Sun Min Kim and David Horvath have a ton of their incredibly popular Ugly Dolls available practically everywhere you go, as well as copies of David’s recent book (and toy) Bossy Bear.

You can buy both of these rockin’ items through Giant Robot, but make sure to check out David and Sun Min’s websites as well for news, artwork, and other bits of merchandise that might be out there.

best american comics

While we’re waiting for Illustration Faculty Ben Katchor to finish up his new book, you can check out some of his work in the latest volume of Best American Comics (2007), edited by Chris Ware. Publisher’s Weekly states:

This collection isn’t about such heroes or villains, it’s about humor, fear, the finely observed details of life, and things of a generally more personal and less world-threatening nature. That (as well as a predilection toward Midwestern artists) is what you get when Ware (Acme Novelty Library) is guest editor. The book includes work from 39 different artists, but it’s hard to find a weak entry…

Grab your copy here and then go over to Ben’s website for a comic archive, as well as more news about his goings-on.