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“The Wreath: Interpretations” features work by Illustration sophomores


Sophomore Concepts Instructor Wendy Popp sent us the above images and below information about “The Wreath: Interpretations”, which her students created work for.  The event has gotten a ton of positive press.  Here’s Wendy on the project:

Essentially, this is the 28th year of this show. I had my students write proposals and submit sketches. The theme is to interpret – the wreath. I added the parameters to concentrate on a 21st Century issue that they could be passionate about which reflects nature, (since the show is situated just in front of the Zoo and inside Central Park). The students submitted on their own independently and got in on their own merit. Seven got in, but one did not submit the final. Last night was the opening and Commissioner Bebepe commented that this was the best show he had attended and proceeded to comment on 5 of the wreaths our students created! He particularly liked Adrian Smith’s acknowledgment of Eine Sitlle Nacht , which is a very appropriate story to tell in this context.

All of us really stretched our comfort zones with the 3d element, many used other facilities, (woodshop and laser cutting) at Parsons to create their pieces. It was a very satisfying project all around.

Our students participating are Adrian Smith, Vilde Braanaas, Anastasia Ionkin, Richard Pean, Lea Mieret, Abigail Malate.

You can read more about the exhibition in the WNYC article or by watching this YouTube clip from NY1:


Congratulations to all the students involved on such a successful project!

“The Wreath: Interpretations”
Arsenal Gallery in Central Park,
Dec 13 – Dec 17,Dec 20 Ending: Thu Jan 06
830 Fifth Ave (at 64th St)

Pop-ups pop-up in Parsons Illustration!

Check out this fantastic video comprised of collection of photos and video footage of students’ pop-up projects from the Spring 2010 Sophomore Concepts classes.


Thanks to Sophomore Concepts instructor Peter Hamlin for constructing the video!  And congrats to all the students on their inspired work.

Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd visit Parsons on Nov. 16th


Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd, creators of the great book “Whatcha mean, What’s A Zine?”, will be visiting Peter Hamlin‘s Sophomore Concepts class on November 16th from 10:20 till 11:40 a.m.  All are welcome to attend.