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Electric Windows in Beacon, May 17th-18th!

May 17th-18th

24 street artists will converge in Beacon, NY from May 17th to May 18th to create live artwork and have their work installed on the exterior of a 19th century factory building. Electric Windows draws its name from the former electric blanket factory at the foot of Mount Beacon that will act as the backdrop for the event. E.W. turns the idea of a gallery inside out using the large industrial windows as frames for each artists work. Usually street art is not so easily contained in a rectangle but this installation ingeniously bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor art both inverting and subverting the concept of the art gallery. Each of the 24 pieces will be approximately 8 ft x 12 ft. The installation will be on display for 12 months.

Electric Windows coincides with the fifth anniversary of DIA:Beacon and Sitelines, a Hudson Valley arts fair. The project will be documented from the beginning of the weekend through completion of the installation for possible future publication.

There will be a companion show of Electric Windows artists at the Open Space gallery (owned by Adjunct Illustration Faculty Dan Weise!). Featured artists include Ron English (NYC), Above (San Francisco), Ripo (Barcelona), Lady Pink (NYC), Michael De Feo (NYC), Jim Darling/Tina Andersen (Los Angeles), Rick Price (Beacon), Peripheral Media Projects (Brooklyn) and Dan Funderburgh (Brooklyn) and many more…

Organizers will also be flying in DJs for the latest version of Next Step, a live art and dance party that has been gaining ground as the place for locals and expats from Brooklyn and Manhattan alike.


If you are interested in volunteering to help out with various odd jobs, please contact Dan Weise as soon as possible! Beacon is easily accessible by train from New York City, so don’t let the commute frighten you off. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a dynamic project.

This weekend should be an unprecedented convergence of the arts from live street art to high end museum pieces that will have heads turning to Beacon.

Electric Windows Beacon
1 East Main Street
Beacon, New York
May 17th-18th