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Tara McPherson works in Rome

Parsons Part-time Faculty Tara McPherson gave us the scoop on an upcoming exhibition of new works called “Inside Nostalgia,” at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome:

I have done 4 large new paintings for this exhibition, and will include a couple small ones as well. These new pieces deal with concepts within the theme of this show; How the dead miss the living and vice versa. These new paintings deal with some much darker subject matter than I usually paint. I had a great time working on them. Please contact the Gallery if you are interested to be put on their wait list to see the paintings.

“Inside Nostalgia”
Tara McPherson
Esao Andrews
Travis Louie
Opening Reception October 31, 2008 8pm
Exhibition Runs October 31 to December 30 2008
Via Nuoro 17 00182
Rome Italy
Tel. +39 06 70161256

[image by Tara Mcpherson, “The Guilt Will Eat You Alive… If You Let It”]