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Maria Berrio helps create “Windows to the Future” in Harlem

Parsons Illustration Alum Maria Berrio recently took part in a wonderful project to create art with children.  Here are some of the details:

Youth from Harlem RBI’s REAL Kids Summer Program worked with Colombian-American artist Maria Berrio to create the piece, entitled “Windows to the Future”. The mural is an expression of the youth’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It depicts a youthful, colorful city in which children are playing together reaching towards the sky, with the words “Dreams Come True” written across the scene. During the creative process, the young artists were encouraged to visualize their dreams for the future, and I truly believe that through this meaningful artwork, they learned that dreams can come true. Indeed, Rich Berlin agrees that this notion is “a familiar theme for both CITYarts and Harlem RBI, whose missions both focus on empowering youth.”

You learn more about the project and see more pictures here.

Congratulations to all the children involved and to Maria for being part of such a valuable project.