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Farewell, friends

A note from Rosemary, your trusty administrator/operations guru/blogger/clutterbug.

After seven years, I am moving on to new adventures outside this beautiful city.  In mid-June, I will start a new job at the University Archives in the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University. While I am excited to explore different territories and meet different folks, it’s bittersweet of course.  I love the time I’ve spent at Parsons and in the Illustration program, but at the same time, I am eager to start a new career as an archivist and librarian.  This shouldn’t seem like a major stretch to anyone that knows me–my bag has always been books and weird old stuff, the things that other people pack away in boxes, the oddities, ephemeral history and beauty of all kinds.

It’s good to move on, I suppose.  No, I know it’s good (and important) to move on.  Even if it’s difficult.

What a lucky thing to be surrounded by beautiful art and beautiful people!  I am thankful for everyone that welcomed me into this job, everyone that supported the work I did, and everyone that showed me kindness along the way.

Good luck to us all.