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Illustration students wanted to collaborate on animation and video game projects

Christiane Paul and Harold Moss are conducting a collaborative course called “Beyond Noir” (see course description below) in which students are working on media projects to be screened at the University-wide Noir Festival in April 2011 Their students would like to collaborate with illustration students on an animation project and a game project.

Please contact Christiane at paulc@newschool.edu for more information.

Collab: Beyond Noir
Harold Moss and Christiane Paul
PUDD 4550B CRN 5008 Monday 1500-1740

Beyond Noir is a joint Media Studies production course and Parsons COLLAB Studio focused on creating work for the Noir Festival that is being organized by The New School in the Spring of 2011. The classic film noir genre of the 1940s and 1950s — characterized by distinctive themes, plot devices, and visual elements — has experienced revivals throughout the decades, as in the neo noir of the 1970s and 80s, which utilized elements of classic film noir but updated its themes, content and style.

Through readings and discussions, the genre of noir, its influences on, and legacy in today’s media will be analyzed from a theoretical perspective to prepare students for the production of projects that critically engage with the genre. Throughout the semester students will develop proposals and produce work to be presented in conjunction with the Festival. Students are encouraged to create work across a range of media — including film/video, games, and Web-based projects.