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Illustration students picked for Animation and Digital Film Festival

from Parsons MFA Design Technology Director Anezka Sebek:

It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the juried 10th Annual Parsons Animation and Digital Film Festival.Thanks to our Jurors: Steven Guarnaccia, Jessica Irish, Colleen Macklin, Jane Pirone, and James Ramer for contributing their valuable time to the jury in this busiest time of the semester.

Here are the people who will be in the screening reel TONIGHT–Tuesday, May 19th and TOMORROW–Wednesday May 20th. The SAME REEL of the festival screens at 7PM both days in Swayduck Auditorium, 65 5th Avenue. On Tuesday, May 19th, we will be awarding the people who have taken the “best of” prizes.

Best Character Animation
Best Motion Graphics
Best Overall Technical Execution

We hope that you will join us to congratulate the filmmakers and animators who participated and those who have been selected to the screening reel:

Slaves to Technology Yelena Mirchevskaya
Little Boxes Hsing Yu Chen (Cha Cha)
Duo Duo and Xiang Min Fengyu Hao
Art in Motion by Lilah Montgomery [Illustration Student!]
Faceless Neil by Noella Borie
[Illustration Student!]
Plus-size Problem Pasquale Chieffalo
Count your Blessings Nicolas Perez-Gurri
Ranga’s Meat Shop Rohini Metharam
Rat on the Moon Nurbanu Asena
Conversation Nina Torr
UNICEF-Make Children’s Dreams Jaehquck Lee
Serial Killer Jaehquck Lee
Claybrothers Jaehquck Lee
Opening Movie for MFA DT Thesis Show Jun Yung Moon
What if the Food Chain was Broken? Tibo Charroppin
The Watermelon GirlEun Hee Sidney Shin
Bubbletea Jessica A. M. Chen
The Globetrotter Magnus Schullere-Cablay
Urban Rhythm, Surface Tu Varathit
Audio Visual Experiments Claudio Midolo
Metamorphosis of Media Melissa Marcus
The Unseen Journey Jason Tseng
DOA Erik Carter
Apegado Tomas Pichardo-Espaillat and Cem Misirlioglu
Vuela Alto Tomas Pichardo-Espaillat
Ipod Nano Commercial Sangho Moon
BET TV network spot Sangho Moon
The Many Glasses of Me Sangho Moon
In the Life Open Alec Donovan
Open Frame Luke Hanson
Fito Craft Brewery Adolfo Facasse

Congrats to Lilah, Noella, and all other winners for their inclusion!