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Angie Mason’s solo show in Atlanta

Murky Menagerie
[Paintings of a Morose & Unsociable Nature]
A solo exhibition featuring new works by Angie Mason
Opening on September 13th, 2008.

Parsons Illustration Alum Angie Mason has an exhibition of works opening up at the Rabbit-Hole Gallery tomorrow.  Here’s the official press release:

You know in life those tragic moments that are so full of comedy, misguided attempts gone awry, good intentions with terrible outcomes. You know that feeling, the awareness of something being unhealthy yet ingesting it anyhow with disregard for any later consequences. This is a taste of some of what you will find within this collection of works. It is a flawed carnival of creatures that are misplaced, displaced and confused within these painted worlds.

These are Moments that rise up from the darkness in life which we can all at some time or another relate to. These are the rock bottom babies born out of wrong doings and hard times. These are vicious poison snake biters we all battle in life. These are the poison mushroom fungi that grow on us as the blown out wishes from weeds entangle our lives. Rising from the murk a swamp queen dream all full of fungus yet she uses the poison, the illness in life to gain strength to keep on living. These are the golden carrot dreamers that hung for too long. These are the caged moon catchers trying to control things beyond their control. These are the self poisoned bloated beasties, These are the lost,the used and the jealous moody bruised tired souls. These are paintings of a morose & unsociable nature and with that I give you A MURKY MENAGERIE all new works by Angie Mason.

Angie Mason
Murky Menagerie – Paintings of a Morose & Unsociable Nature
The Rabbit-Hole Gallery
195 Arizona Avenue L/W
Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: 404.550.6136