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Comic Strip Serenade feat. Bill Kartalopoulos and Mark Newgarden


Bill Kartalopoulos & Mark Newgarden Present:


Please join us on Sunday, June 7 for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear forgotten songs inspired by unforgettable comic strip characters!

For one night only, the fabulous Jalopy theater will host a live performance of vintage compositions based on Krazy Kat, the
Katzenjammer Kids, Barney Google, Smokey Stover, Li’l Abner, and more, featuring lyrics by Milt Gross, Rube Goldberg, Walt Kelly, and other cartooning and pop music legends.

These songs are lively (and funny) artifacts from the days before television, when comic strips were the dominant form of daily visual entertainment, and from the days before radio, when new songs –published as sheet music — were routinely performed by families and friends in America’s living rooms and parlors. Hundreds of songs based on comic strip characters were published during this fertile period, and co-curators Bill Kartalopoulos and Mark Newgarden will present some of the very best — as well as some of the most wonderfully obscure!

Many of these comic strip songs were never recorded, never filmed, and most have never been publicly performed in the decades since their original publication. The event will also feature some later, post-war songs, including a selection from Broadway’s Li’l Abner and Walt Kelly’s memorable Pogo songs. The archival sheet music used for this special performance was provided courtesy of Mark Newgarden’s longtime collection.

A stunning line-up of celebrated musicians will bring these unearthed gems back to life, including:

Doug Skinner (The Regard of Flight, White Knuckle Sandwich)
Peter Stampfel (The Holy Modal Rounders, the Bottlecaps, the Fugs)
Meg Reichardt (Les Chauds Lapins, The Roulette Sisters) with Kurt
Hoffman (Band of Weeds, Les Chauds Lapins)
Robin Goldwasser & Chris Anderson (The Last Car)
John Keen (Ragtime pianist extraordinaire)

…and many more surprises!

Join us after the MoCCA comics festival ends in a relaxing Brooklyn venue for this very special celebration!

Show starts at 9:00 pm
$10 cover

315 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY

Subway Directions: F or G train to Carroll St. (first car if coming
from North/West). Walk 1 block up Smith St to 1st Place. Make left.
Walk down past highway to Columbia St. Make left to 315 Columbia.