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Illustration Alumna Leah Hayes does McSweeney’s cover art!

leah hayes mcsweeney’s
Parsons Illustration alumna Leah Hayes created the front and back cover art for McSweeney’s 25, a quarterly journal of sorts that features a wide range of literary and artistic endeavors including illustrated fables, sketchbooks, short stories, audio recordings, and comics. This issue is described as:
If issues were anniversaries, this one would have to be printed on silver plates. You could melt it in some sort of forge and then pound it on an anvil until you had a set of earrings. Instead, it’s a hardcover book with stories by a few of our old favorites—Steven Millhauser, Joyce Carol Oates, Padgett Powell—and more than half a dozen others, investigating everything from ape men to unlucky island-hoppers to what happens when Canadians go AWOL in Bosnia. Pound this one on an anvil and it’ll pound you right back.
Grab your copy of Leah’s fantastic cover (and McSweeney’s wonderful content) at the McSweeney’s store and don’t forget about her upcoming full-length graphic novel, Funeral of the Heart, which we wrote about in our holiday gift guide this past December.  Good work, Leah!