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Balli Plastici: Futurist Puppet Show on Nov. 12th

Balli Plastici
Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle
Thursday, November 12 6:30pm

In 1918, the Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero premiered his Balli Plastici, a puppet show performed by geometric, fantastical multicolored marionettes. Building an immersive world through set design, music, and puppets, Depero transcended the traditional divide between actors, audiences, and sets, and created an environment completely distinct from ordinary life. Today, the technologists at the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) have adapted the shapes, colors, and music of the Balli Plastici for the digital age. For Performa ’09, ETC and MAD premiere an animated version of Balli Plastici set to a score re-constructed from original notes.

The ETC is designing a personal interactive DVD version of Balli Plastici that will allow individuals to control the movements of Depero’s animated characters and devise their own combinations of set, music, and lighting. After the performance, attendees will receive a special voucher that will entitle them to receive a copy of the DVD by mail when it is released in December 2009.

Produced by The Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center and Museum of Arts and Design. Tickets: $10 / $7 Performa and MADMembers at www.madmuseum.org or call 212-299- 77