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Mannes Opera: Parsons Collaborative Studio Spring 2014 Info Session TONIGHT 9/24

Are you a Parsons senior undergraduate or graduate student interested in working on a spring ’14 design studio collaboration with the Mannes Opera’s artistic and design team, students and production support?

Are you a faculty member interested in getting involved, or integrating a production-related project into your design course?

Then Join us for the Mannes Opera: Parsons Collaborative Studio Spring 2014 Info Session TONIGHT!

Tuesday September 24
6 to 7pm
79 5th Avenue, 16th floor, AMT hub

To support this partnership between Parsons and the Mannes Opera, we’re looking for individuals interested in:

  • costume design
  • set design
  • prop construction and management
  • program and promotional materials graphic design

Anyone with talents in fine arts, illustration, interior design, fashion design, construction, drafting, modeling, hair and makeup styling, graphic design, lighting design and a general interest in theatrical performance and opera is strongly encouraged to come to Tuesday’s info session!

This cross school, cross design collaborative studio will be led by Parsons part and full time faculty, with the studio meeting on Fridays in the spring. Engagement will begin with meetings in November, continue with attendance at Mannes Opera‘s production in December, develop in the studio course in the spring, and culminate with rehearsals and the final Mannes Opera production in May.

Applications to the course will be done through interviews and with the permission of the instructors-open to senior undergraduates and graduate students.

Come find out more this exciting co-production of Parsons and Mannes Opera!

For more information contact: Leslie Henkel at henkell@newschool.edu

Mannes Opera performance of "Falstaff" (2011)

Mannes Opera performance of “Falstaff” (2011)