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Quick Hit: Social Justice 2008 at AIB

Internationally recognized, New York based, Bulgarian born, Luba Lukova is one of the most distinctive image-makers working today. She expertly blends human forms and objects to express elemental and universal themes that include love, envy, peace, war, hunger, and ecology. Whether by using an economy of line, color, and text to pinpoint essential themes of the human condition or to succinctly illustrate social commentary, her work is undeniably powerful and thought provoking. The rich simplicity of her images transcends language, culture, and politics.

Lukova will join the Art Institute of Boston’s exhibition schedule this fall with a two-part exhibition utilizing AIB’s Main Gallery in Boston, and the Art Institute of Boston Gallery at University Hall in Porter Square, Cambridge. The exhibits, which will run simultaneously, will highlight work driven by the artists quest for social change, and will feature Lukova’s work on women of the Bible, along with site-specific installations, and her most recent portfolio “Social Justice: 2008”.

Social Justice 2008 & Other Works
Luba Lukova
Through October 18

The Art Institute of Boston Gallery at University Hall
1815 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140