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Alumni Update: PJ Loughran

copyright 2003, PJ Loughran

From the Illustration Mailbox–we recently heard from Illustration Alum PJ Loughran, who is full of wonderful news about his life.  Here’s a snippet he said we could share:

Lots of fun stuff has happened since moving out to Chicago. My creative shop, KEROSENE (you might recall, we’d been doing a lot of Hollywood work while I was still living in NYC) grew to 25 people over the last few years and began a relationship with LEGO which has had me traveling regularly to LA and Denmark. Last December, I sold KEROSENE to a larger firm (90 people) and I’m currently serving as their Chief Creative Officer.

My wife and I also had a son…. currently juggling our lives with a very energetic 2 year old:) And still taking on illustration and writing music when I can find the time…

Congratulations to PJ, his family, and KEROSENE on such prosperity and happiness!