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Keren Richter works with Vans

From the Illustration Inbox, Keren Richter (Illustration ’03) has given us some fantastic news.  She recently worked with Vans to create the fabulous sneakers you see above.  You can grab your pair here.  Keren also created a tote bag based off the same illustration, which you can sneak a peek at here.

Bonus: Keren and her sister Julie created this rad video which produced the painting used for both shoes and tote.  Check it out:

[wpvideo y3nHeyTS]

If you want to keep up with her many projects and interests, make sure to check out Keren’s blog.

Congrats, Keren!

Quick Hit: Illustration Alum in show at Cinders Gallery

Illustration alum Keren Richter (whose wonderful work has been recently featured in the Illustration Department display cases as part of the Jordin Isip-curated show “Expatriates”) is part of a group show at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, called “Brevity’s Rainbow.”  Here’s an excerpt from the curator’s note:

Nothing against Christo and Jean Claude, but art isn’t meant to be big grand flourishes of orange gates. And really, I love Olafur, and huge waterfalls under the great bridges of New York are really cool, but art is supposed to be an intimate affair.

Which is why I asked some of my favorite artists and some of my best friends to interpret the idea of the Lilliputian and the temporal, the specks of dust that make up the world, the fleeting moments of pleasure and pain. I wanted the artists to bend over their workbenches and canvases and get inside of their tiny artworks. I wanted to freeze a moment so you could all lean in, get our faces right up next to the artwork, as close as you can possibly get, and see a tiny beautiful thing.

I wanted to make a galaxy of tiny art, a prismatic assemblage of little moments: this is Brevity’s Rainbow.

If you’re in the New York area, make sure you check it out. Congrats to Keren on her work!

Brevity’s Rainbow
A Group Show of Tiny Works
February 8th – February 17th 2008
Opening Reception Friday Feb. 8th 2008
Curated by Maxwell Williams