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Illustration Alum Jill Bliss featured on 20×200

jill bliss

Illustration Alum Jill Bliss is staying busy.  Two different prints of hers were recently featured on Jen Bekman’s 20×200 website. Here is Jill’s artist statement:

In all the work that I do, I’m interested in the boundaries between separate communities or ideas—the common ground where things intersect, cross-pollinate and co-habitate.

In ecology, an area that contains habitats common to two communities, as well as others unique to the transition zone itself, is called the ecotone. This area is typically characterized by greater species diversity and population density than occur in either of the individual communities.

In my mind, “people, plants and animals” or “art, craft and design” are not so different from one another. I believe that everything and everyone are interconnected and similar—it’s just a matter of each functioning with a different set of materials, and at varying speeds and scales. I hope to call attention to these ideas in my work, and to celebrate the small overlooked details that showcase these interconnections and samenesses.

Head over to 20×200’s site and there might still be some of Jill’s prints available.  And of course, check out Jill’s website for more goods and information.

Keep up the amazing work, Jill!

[seen above: Handmade Treehomes, #1A by Jill Bliss]