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Art Forum reviews Garrett Pruter’s current solo show, ‘Mixed Signals’

Parsons Illustration alum Garrett Pruter‘s (’10) show was reviewed in Art Forum‘s Critic’s Picks.

“Grounded in found photographs gleaned from various sources, Garrett Pruter‘s recent body of work lends new visual life to images threatened with obsolescence. For June Gloom (all works 2011), Pruter has inflated a print to sprawling dimensions and then scraped away at the raw, wetted photographic emulsion with a dull blade, leaving a somewhat spectral scene scored with evenly paced yellow notches. In Washed Out, abstract patterns from a scrimlike layer have been cut out and placed over a blown-up image. See also Ship Wrecked, where pieces of the photographic print itself have been excised, resulting in a pocked and perforated surface. By contrast, Mixed Signals is additive, with cutout shapes from a found poster placed below an enlarged, anonymous portrait of two individuals. In each instance, the relationship of the pattern—either subtracted, abstracted, or superimposed—to the original imagery is quirky; all seem arbitrary and interrogative, evocative and suggestive rather than tendentious.

Three collage pieces—respectively titled Los AngelesBlackout, and Flesh—feature repurposed magazine images, cut into squares and layered in abstract patterns. Flesh fittingly derives from vintage editions of Playboy and Penthouse. Abstracted into a field of pinkish (and seemingly pixilated) geometries, it bears only a metonymic relationship to more carnal origins. Similarly, Los Angeles, taken from aerial photographs of the eponymous city, plays on layers of removal from its original urban source, slicing up photographs into a series of formal facets.

The exhibition’s most striking piece is an installation incorporating various 35-mm slides—again culled from random sources—projected onto a curved mold, covered with tessellated mirror fragments. Cast onto the wall in intervals, the resultant images appear distorted and distended though still discernible in their basic dimensions, whether as landscape or portrait. Prutter seems to be hitting his stride in terms of a play between photographic removal and objective presence—a cocktail that he is bound to take in compelling directions.” -Ara H. Merjia

Garrett Pruter, “Mixed Signals”, Feb. 9 – March 11, 2012, Charles Bank Gallery , 196 Bowery, NYC

images:  Flesh (l); Ship Wrecked (r)

Maira Kalman exhibition @ Julie Saul Gallery

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Maira Kalman
The Principles of Uncertainty

October 11 – November 24, 2007

The Julie Saul Gallery is currently showing their third solo exhibition with acclaimed artist/ author/ illustrator Maira Kalman. Kalman produced an online-visual journal for The New York Times “Times Select” feature for one year from June 2006 to May 2007 entitled Principles of Uncertainty. Kalman’s exhibition will consist of more than one hundred of the original gouache paintings made for the project, as well as a photograph and print edition.

The exhibition coincides with an eponymous book just published by Penguin Press which brings together the whole year of online columns in printed form, as well as some added elements. The book will be displayed on a shelf as a running narrative throughout the entire gallery, while the paintings will be hung according to different themes.

Kalman’s journal combines paintings and text and touches on many personal and worldly subjects, from family history to world politics. Portrait subjects include Nabokov as a child, Freud, Edith Sitwell as well as friends and family. Most of her paintings are based on photographs made during her travels or wanderings in New York. She has recorded interiors such as Louise Bourgeois’s salon, Helen Levitt’s bathroom and the recreation of Proust’s study as well as hotel rooms, boxes, foods and other assorted objects.

Kalman has been the illustrator and often author of over a dozen books- most recently she illustrated “The Elements of Style” which is now out in paperback. Others include “What Peter Ate”, “Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey”, and “Max in Love”. She has collaborated with Mark Morris for set designs, designed bags, fabrics and assorted objects. She is the co-author of the famous New Yorker “Newyorkistan” cover.

Julie Saul Gallery
535 West 22 Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212 627-2410

(all images by Maira Kalman)