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Gagosian mixed media exhibition: Fit to Print

fit to print

Fit to Print
Printed Media in Recent Collage
November 12th-December 22nd, 2007

Gagosian Gallery
New York, NY

Fit to Print exposes the artist’s compulsion to react to the steady stream of information that the print media delivers on a daily basis. The works on view range from meditations on formal composition to personal perspectives on current events.

All works included in this exhibition have been made since January 2000, illuminating the vast extent to which contemporary international artists share an interest in the myriad forms of printed media while working within the traditional definition of collage. A thoroughly modernist invention, the use of collage first appeared in the work of Picasso and Braque and was embraced by the international Dada movement as a mode of political critique. Whether referring to autobiography, disposable pop culture, or actualities of global politics, the artists in this exhibition acknowledge the legacy of past practice by immediately utilizing mass-distributed, readymade print, and incorporating it directly into their work.

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Gagosian Gallery
980 Madison Ave.
New York, NY