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Alum Danielle McManus makes Earth Day prints for 2010

Parsons Illustration Alumna Danielle C. McManus (2003) emailed us recently and let us know the scoop on her latest project.  Here’s a snippet of what she wrote, along with a little more information from her website:

In honor of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary my studio, A Love Of Drawing, is selling a series of limited edition earth day prints. They are entitled “Celebrating Mother Nature”…As an illustrator I would love to use my talent to raise awareness about the importance of our planet. These particular posters depict a cultural illustration of Mother Nature and display how she has created many of the elements that are present in the world that we live in today. Elements that we can not re-create such as the many species of flowers, birds, and trees that are slowly becoming extinct. With this series I hope to show humanity that it is important to embrace and celebrate the beauty of our world. These prints will be on sale throughout the month of April.

Beautiful work, Danielle!