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Follow-up: Foolish Corpse Event

Check out these dreamy photos from the recent “Foolish Corpse” event on April 1, 2010.  All these images were photographed by Parsons MFA student Conway Liao–be sure to check out his website here for more wonderful imagery.

Foolish Corpse was a collaboration between the Parsons Foundation and Illustration programs. It was a live drawing event with rotating teams and three video projectors that create one scroll-like image in the Aronson gallery.  Participants worked on three Wacom Cintiq screen tablets and responded to each other as the images unfolded. This unpredictable event, loosely based on the Surrealist parlor game the Exquisite Corpse, was further unhinged by musical and word cues lobbed at the artists like bad April Fools jokes. An additional group of artists draw simultaneously on Wacom Cintiq Intuos tablets uploading their work to a drop box as raw material for the project.

Foolish Corpse was part of the Palimpsest exhibition.