Summer Reading Preview: Mussino’s illustrations


Summer reading enthusiast and Illustration Alum/Adjunct Faculty Les Kanturek found an interesting blog post about Attilio Mussino’s illustrations for this year’s summer reading book: Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.  Here is is favorite snippet:

Ironically, the story of a wooden puppet who would go on to lead an independent life beyond his creator became reality as Collodi didn’t live to see the success of his allegorical writing.

Check out the full entry here.  You can also access a full collection of pages (like the one above) from a Mussino-illustrated version of Pinocchio at this site–it’s a good source of inspiration and illumination.  We should be receiving the books soon and we’ll let you know all know when you can come pick them up.  Watch your email, please!

Les will be working on a blockbuster display of Pinocchio-related illustration and ephemera so watch out for that too.

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