Student of the Week: Thomas Snowden

This week’s student of the week is Thomas Snowden. Thomas specializes in both digital and traditional means of painting, as well as animation.

Scroll down to view a sample of his work and artist statement:

Thomas Snowden, Donatello (Excerpt from thesis series), Senior Thesis 2, Steven Guarnaccia


Thomas Snowden, Slaying Grace, personal


Thomas Snowden, Ballpoint Moleskine, personal


Artist Statement:

I believe to be an artist is to be an efficient problem solver. To be a good artist means constant exploring and finding new problems to solve. I keep an eclectic body of work to represent that exploration. There is, however, one unifying thread in all my work and it is a sense of narrative. From single frame paintings to animations I am a storyteller. I believe in the power of the anecdote. It can teach us lessons, bring us comfort, or simply entertain. I believe the anecdote is the most accessible form of communication and while sophistication and thought are important, they are masturbation without an audience.

To view more of Thomas’ work, be sure to visit his website at: