Student of the Week: Leigh Cunningham

This week’s student of the week is Leigh Cunningham. She specializes in fine art-oriented painting and illustration. Her work has a sensitive yet evocative nature.

Scroll down to view a sample of her work and artist statement:

Leigh Cunningham, The Penitent, Thesis 1, Lauren Redniss


Leigh Cunningham, Communion, Lithography, Lorenzo Clayton


Leigh Cunningham, Bruised, Concepts 3, Sergio Ruzzier


Artist Statement:

Leigh Cunningham works primarily in traditional mediums, such as oil paint, graphite and printmaking techniques. She explores mental and emotional states juxtaposed with temporal experiences. Ultimately, these ideas cumulate into fractured narratives exhibiting a feeling of loss, the awareness of time passing, and of the ephemeral quality of life. Memories and movement within space and time are major themes imbedded in her work. Leigh Cunningham is working to depict a plane of existence between reality and the ethereal.

To view more of Leigh’s work, please be sure to visit her website: